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Pearl White/Hawkeye Blue Champion Trike 2012 Honda Goldwing

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Pearl Hot Rod Yellow Champion Trike 2010 Honda Goldwing

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Fork Oil High Viscosity Index

RnC Verified Buyer
Thank you WingStuff for having what we need when we need it. We know that you wouldn't offer second rate products for our Wings. Thank you for being there for us!!
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OEM Factory Fork Seal/Bushing Kit for GL1800 2nd Gen

I called three local Honda dealers looking for all of the parts necessary to do a proper fork rebuild. No one had all the parts, but they could order them and would have them some time next week. Driving all over the valley to collect parts that you have to wait until next week just wasn't going to work. WingStuff has them all in one kit that was shipped the same day and the nominal freight charges is cheaper that my gas would have cost if I went through a dealer. Besides, and don't tell WingStuff this, WingStuff was less expensive by $30. It's a no brainer.
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Bungee Seat Tie-Downs
ITEM CODE: BB52-802,   SKU: BB52-802

Tying stuff down on the rear seat of a motorcycle validates the "Peterson Rule" which is; The BS expands to fill the space available. When trunks, saddlebags and optional upper racks (or lower trunks on trikes) are full, the back seat is the last resort. Hooking bungee cords under the seat can scratch painted surfaces. Wrapping cords and hoods around grab handles and other body parts can cause damage and are not always totally secure. These Bungee Seat Tie-Downs are made of strong steel and finished in a high gloss enamel finish. Virtually invisible and allow the bungee hooks to be secured so as not to harm your ride. I should have purchased these sooner.
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ITEM: AO451819

I won't hook up a trailer to one of my bikes without an isolator. Virtually plug 'n play, this small relay box will prevent a short in a trailer's electrical system from backing up into your bike's wiring and shorting something out.
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10 Pack of Crush Washers

A new crush washer should be used at each and every oil change. In a 10-pack, each washer is only about 80 cents each. Cheap insurance. With four Wings in the family, after a recent oil change, I was down to only one in the drawer. Good quality, great price.
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Windsock Kit MS-74LSX

Only one of the three sizes was needed to replace the old one. We know why there are three sizes and unless you know the size you need, there is a 2-out-of-3 chance you will make the wrong choice. The first time you buy replacement windsocks, buy the assortment and make note of the one that fits your application. We both have helmets and have to buy two 3-packs and toss four. By knowing the correct size for our helmets, we'd rather buy a two-pack or a three-pack of the correct size than buy three and put two in the drawer to dry up and ultimately be thrown away. We still gave 4-Stars because we love WingStuff and they offer the best stuff at reasonable prices.
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5/8" Coin Clear 3M Dual Fasteners
ITEM CODE: BB3110,   SKU: BB3110

Don’t use anything but these 3M Dual Lock Coin Fasteners when mounting headlight protectors or anything you don’t want to lose. Because of a recent encounter with storm of grasshoppers, we had to purchase a set replacement headlight protectors. When the protectors arrived, they had only 3-pair of cloth “velcro” style coin fasteners instead of the required four-pair. Knowing that they wouldn’t hold, we ordered the 3M Dual (Lock) Fasteners from WingStuff. We are glad we did. They are working perfectly.
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New Generation Trike Wings for GL1800

We have used Baker Trike Wings (old generation) for years, always with great results. While cruising at 60-mph on a recent trip, we encountered a grasshopper storm (yes grasshoppers). What a mess. One of our old generation wings came up snapped near the top of the engine guard at the zip-tie hole, and a headlight cove came up broken on our other trike (that’s another review). We decided to go with the New Generation because they are stronger and scratch resistant. Baker has always delivered great results with great products, and we are expecting the same great results with our new wings. Thanks Baker!!
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ITEM: BB52828

Simple and easy to assemble, and installation was a snap. I have a 2012 Wing with a Champion Trike kit and a black anodized bumper. The black rack looks phenomenal. (I did buy some black anodized screws to assemble the mounting plate to finish the look. ) I have already recommended this rack to other riders.
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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software

If you read and follow the simple to follow instructions, down loading and populating your tunes to a thumb drive is "EASY - EASY - EASY". We have a 2012 Goldwing with a 2020 Champion Trikes of Arizona Conversion, and we used to be able to just plug in our cell phone and using the radio controls listen, switch, replay, and skip our tunes. However, one of the recent upgrades to the system eliminated our being able to use the smart phone. This program at only $24.99 is an absolutely perfect fix. Don't hesitate, get this download.
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ITEM: AO18303283

These turn-down chrome exhaust extensions are a must!! Especially if you have a trike and a true no-brainer if your trike has a rear bumper. Without them, your exhaust is restricted and blocked from exiting. We just installed them on our 2012 Goldwing w/ 2020 Champion Trikes of Arizona Conversion. Installation was extremely easy. No special tools needed.
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Sequential LED Spoiler Light w/ Dynamic Brake & Running Lights

Great upgrade. I have a chrome non-Kuryakyn spoiler on my 2010 Wing that required a small amount of filing with a round file to make the new Sequential LED Spoiler Light fit. Easy fix and the results were beautiful.Don't hesitate, you bike will love it.
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