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Big Bry



Big Bry


Riding Motorbikes for the past 62 years.
Goldwing owner for the past 25 years.
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Favorite Quote:

I'd rather push a Honda than ride a Harley.

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Bike 1:

Black 1993 Honda GL1500 Goldwing

Bike 2:

Black 2018 Honda GL1800 DCT Airbag To

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- No Bike 3 -

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Ride Off Center Stands for 2018+ Gold Wing


5 Stars

What a great revelation this center stand is. It takes all the strain out of securing the Goldwing. It works exactly as advertised and can be easily rolled onto the stand sitting astride the bike as it is to ride off sitting on it. Regarding any misgivings of parking on uneven ground, (this has not happened to me as yet) well that is what the side stand is for.
This is a massive addition to the already iconic Goldwing making it an even better proposition than any of it's so called competitors.
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Superbrace Fork Brace for GL1500
ITEM CODE: SB2315,   SKU: SB2315


5 Stars

A great accessory which has transformed the handling of my GL 1500. Mine is a 1993 model which I have owned since new. I thought I knew all of my bikes limitations until I fitted this fork brace. This has made a huge difference to the stability and handling of the bike at both low and high speeds and I can't understand why Honda did not factory fit a similar device from new, the difference is so noticeable.
The fix is very simple by following the instructions given with the package, this includes removing the corner tags on the cover. I recommend these be removed by junior hacksaw and not pliers as suggested in the instructions. Also check the air pressure in both sides of the front forks. These should be 26psi each.
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