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High Capacity Trunk Lid Candy Ardent Red for 2018-20 Gold Wing Tour

The fit and finish is excellent until I went to install my Corbin passenger back rest. I had a hard time installing the four mounting bolts, I had to use a longer one on the one point, you would think Corbin's own backrest would just fall into place. I had the Honda luggage rack with LED light on my stock lid, it was a bit unnerving drilling five holes in the trunk lid but all went well, the inner lid had the four mounting points predrilled which was a great help. One thing to note, the four metal brackets that are used on both sides of the stock inner trunk lid are not reused. I have seen pictures of the Corbin lid on other wings but none had a luggage rack, maybe I'm the first.It is a real pleasure to just drop my helmet any old way in the trunk and just close the lid even with other items in the trunk. Not cheap but well worth it to me.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853

My 2018 DCT Tour was equipped with these when I picked it up in 2018. I had almost 10,000 miles on them when they were removed and still had miles left but I was going for road a trip. The feel of these feels constant throughout the life of the tire and they stick like glue wet or dry.
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Slip-On Sport Exhaust ACS System for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: RU7502302519LR,   SKU: RU7502302519LR

I now have about 200 miles on these and I just love them. I have had just about every aftermarket muffler made for the previous generation Gold Wing, V&H, Torq Master, Corba and the stainless steel Alley Kat's that Harry Eddy (HELIBARS) came up with for the 1500 & 1800. All of those mufflers had about the same sound the Alley Kats being the best of the bunch. The Remus mufflers have a sound unlike anything I've ever heard on a Wing, the only video that even gives you a hint of what they really sound like is the Remus video without the music. With the choice of sound and driving modes I feel like I'm riding a different bike now .
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Slip-On Sport Exhaust ACS System for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: RU7502302519LR,   SKU: RU7502302519LR

I have only been able to hear these on my Wing so far, I love the sound and the fact I can change what I want to hear on the fly. I can't wait for the snow to melt.These mufflers are twice as heavy as the stock units so I don't know where the weight savings come in and YES they cost a lot but the quality is there to see. HP & TQ are up by 4 each which is a modest gain for just a muffler switch, it should work well with my GUHL flash of the ECM .I will do another review after I'm able to put some miles on these.
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Engine Guard Opening Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52-932,   SKU: BB52-932

A good price to boot! This trim will even work with my Kuryakyn highway pegs if I choose to mount them there.
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Puddle Entry Light Kit for 2018+ Honda Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC01398,   SKU: EC01398

I won't buy these until I see the instructions are you listening Wingstuff?
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608

The fit is poor,I ended up not using one of the shouldered allen's because it was out of wack that much.
I'm very pleased with how much better it looks now with the round cut outs,I just don't know what Honda was thinking since they never offered a light to fit the square cutouts.
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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

The windshield fits the bike like the stock windshield but is a little harder to adjust. Others have said it flexes quite a bit but I haven't seen that,its no worst then the stock one for sure. The buffeting is much better then the stock shield and somewhat quieter.I look over it by 2-3 inches,I'm 6'0 and my so is 5'0.I will recommend this shield with the understanding its not a cure all.
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