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Black 2008 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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I recently installed an XM radio system to my wing and had that annoying harmonic sound coming from the speakers while listening to the music. I researched the blogs concerning this issue and was surprised to read that some people had this issue and other did not have a problem at all. I was the lucky one I guess and had to order this cable. Just after installing it, which took less than 5 minutes to do, I started it up, turned on the system and sha-zam that annoying harmonic sound was gone, sounds fantastic. Thank you again Wing Stuff once again for doing what you do best, serving our needs with fantastic products.
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Passenger Armrest Trim for GL1800

Placed this order back in October, item was back ordered and did not receive it until last week. Worth the Wait Ladies and Gentelman. 1st, easy install, take your time, installing plug and play harness with tow harness and this leaves little room in the back, so take your time, 2nd, WOW!!! Nothing better than having more bling and lights on the back end for everyone to see you. You will not be disapointed with these gems. Thanks to all WingStuff staff for thier great support and them offering another great item for all of us to enjoy.
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Received this, great product. Wife and I enjoy how easy it is to load the music and get onto the bike and go go go. Got this durnig cyber monday sale with the player. Great deal and savings. Can not go wrong with this. Thanks Wingstuff.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

Bought this based off the reviews. Easy to install. Friend wanted to help, over torque one of the nuts back on snapping it off the threads so be careful. He was only wanting to help, accidents happen. Not sure how I am going to replace that thread and bolt. I took care of the others using lock tight, good to go, should hold nicely in place without vibration. Construction well made, yes will cut your hands just right if you’re not careful, head the warnings and wear some gloves. Have not taking it out to see what the other reviews have mentioned with wind draft reduction. Looking forward to the added protection it brings. I am thankful that I have not had any misfortunes without it before with flying debris hitting the vital organs. I feel much safer with it on now giving that added protection. Great buy, you won’t be disappointed with this.
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Added these beauties to my 08 along with new Dunlop Elite III tires. Rims were dialed in and tires mounted without weights at the dealership. Easy installation, remember your torque specs and lock tight for front rim, oh so simple on the back. An amazing difference with performance and handling. At twelve thousands miles on my wing, the difference night and day. You won’t be disappointed. Not only did I add these but a few riding buddies have also road my bike and they too became hooked so purchased them for theirs ride. Greatest investment!!!
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers
ITEM CODE: KU7506,   SKU: KU7506

I received this today along with a few other items ordered. Took around 10 minutes to install, both sides. Really looks great and now completes all the chrome on both sides with everything installed. Very nice and extremly happy.
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Chrome Footpeg Mounts for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4544,   SKU: KU4544

Ireceived this today along with a few other items ordered. I Also ordered the chrome pegs as well. Might as well go all out! Utilize the blue lock tight for the bolts instead of what was supplied. Great improvement to the original and much more bling added.
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Chrome Dually Driver Replacement Footpegs
ITEM CODE: KU7938,   SKU: KU7938

I received this today along with a few other items ordered. I Also ordered the chrome mounts for these as well. Might as well go all out! Using the same spring was easy to put back. Make the adjustments as needed to level the foot pegs. Great improvement to the original and much more comfortable!
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ITEM: PG01051

I received this today along with a few other items ordered. Took around 15 minutes to install taking my time. Ensure to read the instructions and don't over tighten. Took the wing out for a ride and wow what a difference it makes. I am glad I got these, look great and do the job just right! Great addition to the wing. Thanks Wingstuff!!!
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Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU7104,   SKU: KU7104

I received this today along with a few other items ordered. Took around 20 minutes to install taking my time. Also installed the chrome spring which I recommend you get if you’re going chrome all around. Like the rest, ensure to remember how the spring is removed. Otherwise looks great and great addition to the wing. Thanks Wingstuff!!!
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Chrome Turndown Exhaust Extensions for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7606,   SKU: KU7606

Simple and quick in install. Lots of complements not mention great added addition to all the chrome on my black beauty. Never enough. Thanks Wingstuff.
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Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit
ITEM CODE: AP3080002,   SKU: AP3080002

Just received this today and I am extremely pleased. Feels well made, compactable and worth its price. I already laminated the instructions just in case that first one is in the rain..Ha. A must have to get you back onto the road during that outing. I also ordered the compactable air compressor as well which is a no brainer. Thank you WingStuff!!!
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