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Clinton, AR, US, 72031




Been in the aviation field nearly all my life. Commercial Pilot, A & P Mechanic holding an Inspection Authorization for over 33 years. Now developing Holley Mountain Airpark.
Enjoy Flying, Motorcycling & Ham Radio
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Airpark/Real Estate Developer

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"If your healthy your wealthy!!"

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Bike 1:

Caliente Custom Red 2002 Honda Goldwing

Bike 2:

Black 2009 Honda DN-01

Bike 3:

Red 2009 Honda XR-650L

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ITEM: PG03896

Installed the 2 ft model onto our PC800 Honda. Had to change twist angle a bit to mount across the bottom of the Givi E36 Mount. Counter sunk the screw heads from the top of the rack floor for clearance of the E36 bottom itself. Cut the ground strap back to aproximately 6 " and grounded it right back to the rack itself. That rack made for a great ground plane!Set SWR using my MFJ-269B analyzer, low SWR out of the box in this installation was @ 26.560 Mhz. I cut 3/8" from antenna, SWR center (peak low)moved to 27.055 which gave me 1.3 to 1 @ 26.965 Mhz(Channel 1) and 1.8 to 1 @ 27.185Mhz (Channel 19). Found no problem with a txmit power cut back from J&M CB2003, transmits on both settings high and low power.

FYI: If your not a Ham Radio operator yourself, but know one (?) ask them to help you with their MFJ Analyzer to set your's one of the easiest and best ways to set your installation up!
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King Luxury Seat Set

This is the BEST seat my wife and I have ever ridden. Purchased used (believe it or not) at a local Chapter Rally where the original owner was selling his trike. Rode home in the rain, however the trip was very enjoyable because of the new seat and the wife being happy, even in the rain. Now that's one hell of a seat!!!
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