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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B


5 Stars

To all.
I know it's just my opinion but these tires will do the job for you on the GL-1800! I ride all year round, every day, rain or shine, to and from work in the Atlanta area.

No wobble! And they last up to 12k miles (rear) 20K miles plus (front) with hard (90-Mph cruising speed) riding up and down I-85 and I-285 in the rain, heat of summer and the cold. The front tire is real good in the rain. The rear tire will begin to growl a bit in the twilight stage of its life. I'm on my 2nd rear/1st front and will replace them with another Stone again.

Good Tire and not much $$$

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Dynamic HC-4 Headset W/ 5-Pin Lower Cord for Goldwing
ITEM CODE: AI030133GW,   SKU: AI030133GW


1 Star

To all:
It is my personal opinion that this product is defective by design. This Headset doesn't have a strain relief built into the upper cord. The connecting wires to the left ear and mic assembly hang out of the helmet with out any strain relief support and they break very easily. The upper cord hangs out of the helmet over my left shoulder down my left side. The upper cord connector gets snagged on the collar of my leather jacket when I turn my head to the left. Over a VERY SHORT period of time the headset becomes intermittent and then goes dead in the left speaker. When I call the company I was treated as I was the bad guy and in competent. I
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