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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

These keep the air moving under you! You will notice a difference when you have them on, you stay dry, no sweat soaked behinds.. They are a little slick, you will move a bit more on the seat. Just finished a 1,500 mile ride, had no monkey butt issues, no pressure issues and no sliding around on the seat unless I wanted too. Well worth the money.
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HyperKewl Soakable Cool Vest

I bought this and just took a 1,500 mile ride. Everywhere we went the locals couldn't stop talking about the heat. It was 102 at the golden gate bridge! This vest worked well. It lasts about a tank if you are out riding, then needs to soak again. The cool it provides is more like a swamp cooler than a/c. Well worth the money. Two of the couples we were riding with stopped and bought some too.
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Beverage Butler Motorcycle Drink Holder

I bought one of these for the front and one for my wife (which is mounted to the "no arm rest needed" bracket. the 34 oz. is a large cup. It keeps ice here in So. Cal. for about 1-1/2 hours in the summer heat, but the water stays cool for up to about 4 hours. Be prepared when you fill it up and snap the straw lid on for the blast of water out of the straw...kinda comical! Great product, save your money from buying and replacing the cheaper holders, drop the money and get this, it is well worth the extra $.
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Passenger Drink Butler No Armrest

This review is only for the "no arm rest needed" bracket. The chrome was flawless, the bracket fits great and went on with no problems what so ever. It positions the cup holding perfectly and stays in place. Looks great, works great. A perfect add on for your passenger to stay hydrated. It is very expensive, but how much is a cool drink of water worth in the middle of the desert?
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Swept Back Style Windshield Clear
ITEM CODE: BB20518,   SKU: BB20518

First off, this is a BIG windshield. I am just shy of 6'2" and in the lowest position, I can barely see over the top of this windshield. I raised it a couple inches and settled in to look through it instead of over. in the 80 mph area the wind does pull it down towards you and I ended up looking over it at that speed. It is a really nice windshield, instructions are a little vague, but it only took about an hour from start to finish and there were no real problems. the rag is a good idea to not loose the washer or bolt (I used a magnetic extending tool to recover the ones I dropped) clear vision with no distortion except at the very top 1/4" of the windshield. Noticeably less wind buffeting, and the vent is a must have, let's some air in, works great.
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Can't go wrong for the price! Fit is good, 1/4" too big in the trunk, but it can be tucked in. Gives a nice finished look to the trunk and bags. Nice quality (better than I expected for the price) Go for it, you won't be sorry!
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