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Black 2018 Honda GL1800

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ITEM: AO451838

Unlike many products i have purchased from Wing Stuff this item was a great let down.
The legs have pitted chrome and feel rough to the touch.
The underside of the welds are already showing signs of corrosion so rust will be inevitable.
In my case there was no template supplied.
Of more serious concern was the fact that the angles of the legs do not match the curves the result would be stress when the screws are done up. The pointed end will just bury into the washers an could end up cracking the lid.
The only reason I have even given two stars is it came with a very nice bag( it was the combo deal)
Unfortunately down here in NZ there is no economic way to get this replaced as the return postage would cost more than the rack.
Oh well back into the cupboard for now......
No issues with Wingstuff , over the years i have been very happy with their products..

Cheers from NZ
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

Installed this.. very straightforward but follow instructions.
I do suggest using an alcohol swap to clean the seat where you stick the gasket on so it gets a good stick down. I also trimmed mine a little top and bottom so it didn't hit the seams and not sit right.
Then take the alcohol swab and then wring it out so you can take a drink before you cut the seat. (the scary bit)
It takes time to knife out the foam so go slow.
It is so comfortable I cant beleive it.
I will also be sealing around the cut to avoid water issues.. Also I am concerened about the square corner where it folds forward this could slowly dameg the seat over time. Will tape this to avoid..
damaging the seat.

Really pleased with it..
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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing

I installed this at the same time as fitting the OEM spoiler. Install is easy and straight forward but do read the instructions carefully. I also suggest that you feed the cable "up" from the rear rather than down from the top. That way you are only dealing with a small end on the cable not the plugs. Caution the cable is only just long enough so don't put the cable ties on until finished.
I had a problem .. no running light. Contacted EC .. Lewis answered almost immediately. Problem solved, it appears that some model GL1800's exported, don't have saddlebag running lights (mine doesn't, I'm in New Zealand) in which case you have to cut the black wire and join it to the tail light feed (its right there so no extra wire needed) ... problem fixed.. EC may need to update instructions to allow for overseas clients.
Top support from EC & Lewis I couldn't ask for more. Very pleased with outcome.. by the way also used two small bits of double sided tape to help share the load off the little brackets.
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