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HyperKewl Soakable Cooling Deluxe Wide Neck Tie
ITEM CODE: TN6520,   SKU: TN6520

Well the description is a little misleading. You CAN soak this necktie but it is cooled by putting the enclosed cold pack in the freezer, refrigerator or on ice. The phase change pack hardens and then slip into a pocket in the tie. Basically this is an ice pack for your neck.

The tie is wide and flat, therefore touching more skin then the common soakable evaporative cooling tie. It is "non slime" because of this difference, the sealed coolpack never melts on your skin, it phase changes from a cold solid to a liquid as it adsorbs heat from your body.

Why only 4 stars? The manufacturer claims "up to 8 hours of cooling". I found the cool packs melted and warmed in about 2 hours. So if you want all day cooling buy a few and "recharge" the other ones in an ice cooler or fridge.

Still a good device, just not as good as the manufacturer boasts about.
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Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer fits GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: WS18001,   SKU: WS18001

Good bargain, adds storage pockets that keeps stuff from rattling around loose in the trunk. Fit is tight and is best to have 2 hands to install it as you have to tuck it under the rubber seal ab out 2/3rds of the way around the entire unit. Could be about 1/8" smaller all the way around to make this easier. Oh, and it covers the tire inflation data sticker on the underside of the trunk lid, so be sure you know what you want your tires inflated at.
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Chrome Handlebar Dampers
ITEM CODE: PUDS273947,   SKU: PUDS273947

Fingers tingle after a long ride despite larger aftermarket grips? You need these. The are a mass dampener and despite how goffy the stock ones look they work. Having the heavy weight on the end of the bar tends to adsorb vibrations and keep it from your hands. If you have aftermarket grips you need the open ends and the set screw that SHOULD of come with your grips.

A good bargain.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

This is THE product for absolute comfort on the Wing. If there were a 10 star rating this product would have it. Absolutely SUPERB craftsmanship, the fabric matches the stock Wing fabric so closely you would never know it's not stock.

If you have ever pulled the seat from your 1800 you CAN install this product. As many have stated the scary part is cutting into the seat fabric and foam to make room for the bar that connects to the seat pan and the under seat piece of bar.

Be sure to watch the Steve Saunders video How To at:
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Filter Wrench, 17mm Magnetic Drain Bolt, OEM Oil Filter, Crush Washers Combo

Good combo and good price. You actually get 11 crush washers because one is already on the new drain plug.

If you want to change your oil even ONCE the wrench is a must have.
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ITEM: PG02361

Quite easily the BEST money I've spent on comfort EVER!

Bad back, knee problems and sore hips after just a few hours riding. You wouldn't think that just 1.5" movement would make all that difference. I found myself more relaxed and realized how much LESS pressure was on my wrists and I was sitting upright a few more degrees and not pressing so hard on the pegs holding my torso upright.

Great product!
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