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Retired Systems Programmer/Analyst

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Bikers don't quit riding because they get old, they get old because they quit riding

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Silver 2007 Honda GL1800

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Red 2021 Honda GL1800

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Standard Headlight Bulb 55W 12V
ITEM CODE: AO0148328,   SKU: AO0148328

Had one low beam headlight go out on my 2007 Goldwing. I ordered two of these and am glad I did. After changing the burned out bulb, the new bulb was much brighter than the original one that still worked (only about 15 years old). So, I changed that one out too and things then looked good (plus I had a spare just in case). The best video I found showing how to change these (pretty easy once you watch the video) was:
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2021+ Gold Wing

Installed this on my 2021 Goldwing Tour using Cruiseman's installation video and it went on very easily. While the color of the backrest matches very well, note that it is not made of the same material (suede leather) of the seat. This is the reason I did not give it 5 stars.
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Deluxe Drink Holder for 2018+ Gold Wing

Had the old version of this installed on my previous (2007) Goldwing and have to say I really prefer the new mounting bracket now on my 2021 Goldwing Tour over the old one. It allows you to get the mug much higher and away from the bike/controls (closer to your mouth for safely taking a drink while riding).
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License Frame & Back Plate Set
ITEM CODE: KU9166,   SKU: KU9166

I installed this on a 2021 Goldwing Tour and used the supplied acorn nuts and lock washers on the backside of the frame/plate/fender (didn't like/want them showing on the front of the license). I'm hoping this will also protect the previously exposed threads under the bike's rear fender from the "ravages of time".
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3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts Chrome

First, let me say that, once properly installed, I believe these are the best looking and most sturdy riding pegs available for the 2018+ Gold Wing Tour. However, after having no problem installing the right riding peg, the two allen screws/bolts securing the slider mount to the main mount would not tighten up (screwed in extremely hard) to the point I thought I was going to break the heads off. I contacted Goldstrike/Ciro via phone and they suggested to simply add some oil and go ahead and try to tighten them up. While I was able to tighten one up, as I feared, the head of the second one broke off as I attempted to tighten it. I They were simply not threaded correctly in the left main mount. I contacted Goldstrike/Ciro via Email multiple times and, after two weeks, received a new left main mount which was properly threaded. The left riding peg then installed easily (as the right one had previously). If it hadn't been for the installation problem/delay/frustration I would have given these a five star rating.
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