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Rick's Reviews Episode 8: Centramatic Wheel Balancers

Recently I had 2 new Michelin Commanders put on my 2009 GL 1800 (yes I know they're not really made for the 1800) and they guy who has mounted tires before for me commented that he'd never seen or heard of Centramatic balancers. He's a semi-professional wrench who works out of a well equipped garage and has a computer balance machine. He thought they were ridiculous and doesn't see how they could work, he said to be effective they would have to be almost as big as the tire itself. He put them in the same category as Dina beads which he also thought were a waste. Seeing how I had the Centramatics for about 2 months and the bike seemed to be a bit smoother I pointed that out and he was unconvinced. He balanced the tires as normal and put them back on and asked if I still wanted the Centramatics back on. I said yes so back on they go. He said the front axle was supposed to float on the forks and now the Centramatics took the space up so it wouldn't float any more. I'm not sure just what that may affect. Any comments?

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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B


5 Stars

I just ordered a new set after the 1st set on my '09 went 20,000 miles, about 2/3rd miles were 2 up fully loaded. They seem to track good, run smooth, and good enough traction to drag the foot pegs without slipping one bit. After checking at 3 dealers it seems like these tires are well liked.
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