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Andrews, TX, US, 79714




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The Only Difference Between A Rut And A Grave Is The Depth

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Silver 2009 Honda GL 1800

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Green 1976 Honda CB 360

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Black 1977 Honda CB 750

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HyperKewl Soakable Cool Vest

I've been using the vest for about four months now and all I can say is where has this thing been for the last thirty years of riding. I use mine even on 85 degree days. My hottest ride so far was West of Del Rio Tx where the temp hit 113 degrees. I've read all the comments about feeling wet, and it only lasts about 90 minutes, etc, but I'm usually ready for a stop at about hour and a half so I just carry it into the rest room and give it a quick soak in the sink while I'm attending to other matters. The dry climate here makes the vest cool extremely well. A dip in the ice chest if you have one makes it a wonderful experience. There are at least two articles of clothing that I refuse to leave home without. One is my HyperKewl vest for hot weather rides and my electric vest when its cold.
Its also kinda fun watching all the looks you get wearing a quilted vest when it's 110 degrees outside.
A few of the Border Patrol agents here have asked all about it and think its a great piece of gear.
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