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Chrome Brake Pedal Cover fits GL1500 & Valkyrie
ITEM CODE: KU4025,   SKU: KU4025

Look great and quality is good, however fiddly and surprisingly difficult to fit due to over complicated design. One screw did not fit at all and had to be replaced with one of my own (unit seemed to have been tapped with wrong size thread).

Instructions were provided and these were good, but, for the money I would have expected an Allen key too. Its an odd (very small) size, and I didn'y have one in my tool box. This was annoying!
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ITEM: KU7945

Good quality and look great. However for the money, lack of instructions and no replacement split pin is disappointing.

Fiddly to fit as rear brake assembly has to be removed on right side. Took much longer than expected.
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ITEM: KU7314

Don't know how long they will last, but they just look brilliant on the bike. Glad I bought them.

Only reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is price - rather a lot for plastic I think...
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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500

Excellent value for money and seem to be well made (not used yet). However, the physical fit for both trunk and saddlebags is not good.

Its not just a question of not being able to pack them full (a fair point made by other reviewers) but the actual shape is not quite right for the GL1800 either. This is especially true of the trunk bag, which is not shaped to follow the lines of the lid, making closing( even half full) difficult.

Worth buying for sheer value for money, but could have been a whole lot better product with a little more thought and development.

Shame. (and how often is this the case...?).

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