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The Cost of a Goldwing is only the down-payment for all of the accessories you add to it =)

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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly


3 Stars

I've owned one of these for about 3 seasons now, originally I had a very uneven surface to work with which made this almost impossible to use. Two years ago that was resolved with a new floor and now I feel that I can give a proper review.

First of all it is critical to get your bike centered on this as best as possible. If you aren't closed to centered you will find it very difficult to move your bike. This might not be as much of an issue for lighter bikes but with a wing it seem imperative. One trick I use is to put a piece of wood on the floor and roll the bike's back tire on it. this makes it easier to slide the Dolly under the bike without a lot of fuss. This also makes it a lot easier to get the bike up on its center stand.

Once on the stand is where the fun begins! Even with the bike centered in the dolly you will find that it is very easy to pull the bike towards you but pushing it away from you can be a challenge to the point that I even pushed the bike right off the dolly once which really put the bike in a precarious position.

Oh and I use the same board trick when I am taking the bike off the center stand while on the dolly and I've never really had an issue.

Bottom line I bought one, I have it and will use it when I have to put my bike away. Would I buy another one? No I just don't think that is really made for such a heavy bike.
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Enhanced TireGard TPMS 2 Wheel Motorcycle
ITEM CODE: BB13315U,   SKU: BB13315U


2 Stars

I honestly don't know how to rate this... I've had the original Tire Guard for a little over a year without issue but wanted to upgrade so I ordered this unit from and as usual I got it quickly.

I replaced my existing set up with this one, I powered everything on and went through the set up as expected.

The Good: I will say this enhanced version is MUCH quicker in getting the initial reading from the sensors and the rubber protector is a nice touch.

The Bad: This unit worked for about 10 minutes then died!!! After the initial setup I went to set the upper / lower limits and couldn't for the life of me get the unit in to programming mode. Each time I would turn it on I would get one reading on the right side (sensor 2) that made no sense whatsoever. After messing with it for a few minutes it finally powered on with both readings in PSI so I programmed it. From there it shut itself off and never worked again. I tested battery and even tried another known good one with no change.

Also within minutes of being on my key-chain the link broke between the remote and the clip and the remote hit the ground. Imagine that happening while riding... Kiss $150 goodbye!!!

For whatever reason this seems like a huge step backwards from the original one. Maybe I just got a bad one but the chain breaking in minutes was the kicker for me. If I would have lost the remote while riding I would have been out the cost of the system which would have really pissed me off.

I've heard on the "Boards" that there may have been a bad batch of these. Well I decided to revert to my old version which went on and has been working perfectly since.

On the bright side Wing Stuff issued me an RMA and even a pre-paid shipping label to return it since it was pretty much DOA. They got the unit back and issued the refund the same day. I have to give them props for their customer service for sure.

One Final Note - It CLEARLY States in the Manual that they recommend you use the sensors on Metal Valve Stems otherwise you could run in to issues. I knew the risk and used them on my factory ones for about 7k miles but changed to the Metal 90's when I got my tires changed a few weeks ago.
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3 Stars

This one is a little hard to write as I have 2 very different experiences with this product. I bought 2 sets of these and the first set I opened worked as expected, not the easiest things to get on the flag and the inner part but it does the trick, the flag does not move up or down and stays perfectly straight on the flag pole I have. For this set I would go 5 stars with my only complaint being that the directions were completely cut off on one side.

The second set I got (from the same order) the inner sleeve is made out of a complete different material than the other set I have. Because of this there is no grip whatsoever which means that the flag does not have the support it needs so it will slide down the pole and spin around. This one would get a single star maybe 2 only because of the price.

so the inner part that goes on the flag pole does not grip like the fist set so the flag slides up and down, spins around so it is somewhat useless.
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