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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

I bought this only to add something to my order of a small pwr connector adapter just to get more out of the minimum shipping charge. At 6'2" and 175 lbs, I have a very scrawny bum and have always had trouble riding for more than a couple hours a day. I have used padded bicycle shorts under my clothes for a little relief but they helped minimally. I thought maybe to buy one of the expensive air pads but decided to try this based on 3 positive reviews and my current budget.

I was very skeptical about how well this would work and truly expected the beads to be uncomfortable on my bottom. I was totally shocked when I first sat on it and I could not tell that I was sitting on a bunch of beads. Last weekend I took an unprecedented 6 hour ride into the NC mountains. Previously I would have been very sore and uncomfortable and constantly shifting around in my seat because of soreness. With this beaded seat cover, I had virtually no discomfort.

I was actually on the verge of considering selling my bike because I rode so little (only 12000 miles on an 08 Wing) but now I am ready to go again and again. Will be riding to a state park this weekend and making more plans for several more rides including a possible multi-day trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Hi Highly recommend this for anyone that experiences discomfort in their bum when riding.
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Honda Gold Wing
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