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Black Tapered Fender Extension for Honda F6B/GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52749BK,   SKU: BB52749BK

I spoke to a sales Manager at Show Chrome at a phone number provided to me by WingStuff. Very polite chat, I think his name was Brandon. They are very aware of the problem although he claims to have over 10,000 of these on the market with very few problems(reviews). Claims to have studied several failures and identified the problems as a blunt blow to the fender, over tightning the bolts to the fender and... wait for it...thread locker (Lock-Tite). Claims it makes the fender material brittle, or a combination of all three.
He mentioned they added the steel brace to give additional support. He said he was going to look at all the on line reviews and submit problems to their designers but offers no help in terms of making their customers whole.
I personally am very disappointed not only with the product and the damage it caused to my bike, but with a company who blames a serious design problem on their customers errors in installing. He pointed out their instructions call for using Lock-Tite. HMM.
I do not recommend this product, in fact, I strongly recommend not using it. $40.00 part failure equals $200.00 replacement fender.
I hope WingStuff evaluates this product and its manufacturer.
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Black Tapered Fender Extension for Honda F6B/GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52749BK,   SKU: BB52749BK

This part should not be on WingStuff website. It seems to consistently break fenders. I wish I would have seen the reviews before i bought it. Very disappointed that such a bad design is on the market. Like other reviewers, I read the installation instructions and heeded the warnings to not over torque the bolts but in spite of all the care used, my fender was cracked, both sides before I even had the bike out for a ride.
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