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Rich B.

Lawrenceville, GA, US, 30045


Rich B.


My goal is to ride 1MM miles on two wheels. 1/2 are already in the bag, but somehow I think the second half is going to be more challenging. Currently riding: 08 HD Anniversary Ultra Classic, 07 HD FLHTPI Police (work bike), 06 Honda GoldWing/Champion (wife's' favorite), 99 RoadStar Silverado (for sale).
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MSF Instructor.

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When the day is done, thank God for His love.

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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

Okay...this is what I think of these floorboards; they add a nice look to the bike, folded up or down... and, they are very comfy for the wife, extended or not. What I did not like was the quality of the plating and the fact that I had to pirate parts from my old floorboards to make these work. Also, all the hardware was loose! I had to remove, locktite and reassemble all the hardware...all of it! The chrome is hazy in some areas and yellow in other areas. What gives with that? Kuryakyn can definitely do better here. Last note; I had to add a couple of washers behind each mounting bolt to space the floorboards out from the frame otherwise the back corner, near the hinge, would hit the backing shield every time I raised them. Overall, I decided to keep them, but just barely.
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ITEM: KU3911

Wow...nice covers, and packaged very well! These really take the profile of your bike and give it da bling. Installation was need to lift the shelter to seat the double sided tape(?????). I would think most folks that buy this item don't stick the tape and just use the 3 mounting screws to hold the panel in place since the top section slides under, and is held by the shelter anyways. Either way you mount it, it will look great when you are done...just don't look down at it when you are riding.
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800

These Wings are a necessary evil for trike owners. I say that because they do a desirable job, and yet are kind of weird looking hanging out there so far. I was a little uncomfortable mounting a rather large wing with only 2 closely configured mounting points available. Once mine were in place, according to the installation instructions, I noticed that they slid a bit up and down on the crash bar. Instead of using the factory supplied thin rubber bumpers I mounted clear silicon bumpers 1/8" thick to the bodywork and the valve cover. I also placed a pad between the crash bar and the plexi panel where Baker drills a hole for "production only". The result of mounting my 3 pads per side reduced the movement of the panel significantly and eliminated any chance for it to rub against the valve cover or paint work.

Now I am going to put some miles on these things and will report back on their long term performance later.
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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

Well...I just mounted these Hand Wings the other day and had to do some tweaking to avoid a future paint scratching problem. The rubber pads provided in the kit to protect the paint are not ideal for this purpose since they are too thin. So, I edged the body side of the plexi panel with a 3" strip of black door edge molding and installed a small, round, clear, 1/8" thick, silicon pad on the bodywork. No more worries...ever!

I'll post again later about the longer term performance of these Wings as I begin to put more miles on them.
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Premium Trike Cover w/Bag for Gold Wing Trikes
ITEM CODE: WS18453,   SKU: WS18453

Since no one has reviewed this cover before goes. This cover is heavy duty! It fits my GL1800/Champion trike very well and I am sure it will give me many years of use. Now, although I have owned many motorcycle covers in the past this is the first full size trike cover I've ever owned...and this thing is heavy! It is not a cover you want to take on a trip with you and it certainly is not going to easily go back in the storage bag I took it out of. It is however a great cover for either outdoor storage or long term indoor storage where either weather protection is necessary or the need to uncover the trike is not that frequent. So, I recommend this cover highly, but you may consider what I did and that is to purchase a half cover for travel or just to keep in the trike for those quick storms that pop up on you now and again.
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Battery Side Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52630,   SKU: BB52630

05.11.2009's what I have to say about these covers and mounting them on my Champion trike. The bolt-on part of replacing the OEM covers is simple and straight forward...but, with the Champion trike kit installed there is a small, inside, lower tab that must be removed so that the cover can seat properly in the three rubber mounting grommets. Since I have never seen behind these panels on a 2 wheel Wing, I don't know what the purpose of these "extra" tabs is. Once these lower tabs are removed all is well and the mounting is straight forward. By the way, these tabs were made to disappear very quickly and cleanly with my Roto cut off wheel. After assembly, stand back and admire a nice chrome accent in an otherwise dull area of your bike. Thumbs up!
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Chrome Turndown Exhaust Extensions for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7606,   SKU: KU7606

These tips are definitely a 5 star item. They are tough looking and installation is only three bolts for each tip...that's it! Stand back when you are done and enjoy the high quality chrome finish. An added bonus to these style tips is that your trailer or luggage rack will no longer be getting puffed on by your exhaust. Thumbs up!
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Front Fairing Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7322,   SKU: KU7322

Very nice detail for the front of the Wing. Easy install (under 5 minutes) and typical high quality Kuryakyn fit and finish. Thumbs up!
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Chrome Timing Cover for GL1800 Goldwing
ITEM CODE: KU3909,   SKU: KU3909

Nice piece! It is true...the install is very easy. I think it is amazing that three small pieces of double sided tape hold this cover on...but they do. The center inspection cover is a replacement item, so no tape there, just off with the old and on with the new. Thumbs up for fit, finish and ease of installation!
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Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8990,   SKU: KU8990

I'm short,5'6", so maybe that is why this backrest works well for me as a rider. However, my wife, as a passenger, does not like it at all. She complains that the backrest frame makes her keep her legs out too far to be comfortable on longer rides. I guess she is right since the frame does indeed seem to do this. The answer may be to mount a different style without a frame. Anyway, I found the install to be time consuming but pretty straight forward. The unit also seems well made. Take it for what it is and how you think your passenger will like the riding style created by the wide frame.
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Chrome Trunk Handle w/Gold Wing Logo
ITEM CODE: HO08U94MCA100,   SKU: HO08U94MCA100

This handle fits...and it looks right. Honda gives you a template to drill the holes and the install is pretty straight forward. I like it! Thumbs up!
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Z-Style Required Lower Headset Hook Up Cords

WOW! Just great quality products. Why buy anything else? Thumbs up!
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