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Anti-Dive Fork Valve Shim w/ Screws

I just installed the anti dive shim. What a world of difference it made in the ride. Cheapest improvement I have made to my Wing
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ITEM: PG02361

I installed the standard hight risers and did not think they moved the bars that much until I spent several 10 hour days on my trike. And now I am glad I added them. Well worth the money
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ITEM: PG02361

Went on very easy you can feel the differance but I have not gone on a long ride yet. will let you know how they realy feel after I get a couple of hundred miles on.
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Air Filter Oil

You should not have to treat a brand new filter, they are supposed to come pretreated from the facory. Should appear redish in color. You don't want to over oil the filter.
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Alternator Dampening Rubbers
ITEM CODE: HO13534MN5020,   SKU: HO13534MN5020

Just changed out alternator and installed new bumpers but when we bolted everything up tight we had a load on alternator bearings. Suspect the new bumpers to be slightly hiher then orginal but was not going to take it apart to find out just shimed the alternator back a little bit, 1/16. But I would check the high of new bumpers against old before installing them to make sure everything well fit right. The old bumpers were very hard and need to be changed.
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Chrome Metal Valve Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3901,   SKU: KU3901

Just installed, they fit real easy and look good. Will have to see how the tape holds up feel really secure right now.
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Premium Trike Cover w/Bag for Gold Wing Trikes
ITEM CODE: WS18453,   SKU: WS18453

Just tried to put this cover on my Hannigan Trike and found that it is not quite big enough to fit all the way around, had to leave the back zipper partial open. The Hannigan is one of the larger trikes out there. It will probably fit all other makes. Since I can't get it back in the bag I will keep it. It is fine for inside storage which is what I purchased it for.
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Premium Trike Cover w/Bag for Gold Wing Trikes
ITEM CODE: WS18453,   SKU: WS18453

The quaility of the cover looks good. But my wife said even before I got it out of the carrying bag,there is no way you are ever going to get that cover back in that bag, of course she is right,there is no way to get it back in the bag. She will just have to make me a larger bag. No big deal. It takes two people to put it on the trike,can be done alone if you struggle with it, it is big.
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800

I purchased mine from Baker direct,
they offered a new generation model which is not offered here. More expensive,hopefully worth the difference.
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ITEM: PG03666

Not that much better then other products I have used.That not saying it isn't good, just not any better.
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USA Style 6x9 Pole Flag

It looks good, will have to find out how long it will last only have a hundred miles on it so far.
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ITEM: BB52739

Really finishes the front with the chrome lower cowl the fit was good and easy to install .The tape appears to hold very tight.Don't know for sure since I have not run the bike yet. but don't see a problem.
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