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Nova Blue 2005 Honda Goldwing 1800

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Isolated Trailer Wire Harness
ITEM CODE: BB52694,   SKU: BB52694

Did not work for me. I had to eventually get a proffesional from the Honda Shop to try to install this. He said I was having problems because the thing was bad from the get go. We ended up throwing it away and I spent a little more money and got a Kuryokin. It worked fantastic. When I compared this one to the Kuryakin the difference was night and day. This one was light weight and cheap looking compared to the Kuryakin which was much more heavier duty. You get what you pay for.
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Battery Tender Plus 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017102,   SKU: SOMS017102

What a mind relief it is knowing this is always charging my battery. This thing has been a blessing. Its great to get on my bike and have it fire up good and strong after it has had to sit for a month or longer because of bad weather or just no opportunity to ride. This Battery Tender works just like it says it will. Everyone who has to park their bike periodically needs to get one of these. GREAT ITEM!!!
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Front Nose Mask for GL1800

Not only was this easy to put on but it looks hot. I really like the confidence I have knowing how well it protects the paint job from those pesky pebbles being kicked up from the road by the vehicle in front of you.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

Why have a $30K Trike with $25.00 foot pegs. Get these floor boards and give your bike the respect it deserves for the money. Great! Great! Great! Real class. I'm glad I invested in these. Very easy to install as well.
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Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8990,   SKU: KU8990

I am glad I bought this item. Very easy to install. And works great. A must have for those long trips. GET ONE NOW!!!
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Kuryakyn Armrest w/ Drink Holder for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8991,   SKU: KU8991

The instructions say that it takes two hours to install. Well that is a fact. Even thought it recommends another pair of hands to help. I found by incorporating my knee to hold the antenna in place I made it ok without the other pair of hands. The instructions were simple. And one person can indeed put this on without much problem. I really enjoy how this item looks on my Trike. My passengers appreciate it as well. I have no reason not to give this a 5 star rating.
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