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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603


5 Stars

Does not fit rack, so why give it five stars? The received this bag today, planing to use it for cats-cade. The bag looks and feels great, good quality, plenty of room, loads of pockets and rain cover. I was very pleased, until I went to try it on. My GL1800 came with the hondaline rack, phew waste of space.

The bag is about two times two large for this rack, the bag just slides and hangs off the back. Unable to use. I like the bag so much I would even swap my rack out for this one.
But the holes would be different and I would end up with spare holes/marks in the trunk.

Anyone know how to extend the hondaline rack to get it too work?
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3 Stars

Fitted great to my wifes HJC SY-MAX II flip front helmet. Speakers fit great in my Scorpion EXO 100 half helmet. Problem is the clamping system for the socket and mic sucks.
My EXO 100 rim is too thick, cannot clamp the wires and mic at all. The inside of the plastic clamp can not go all the way down. Not sure about return policy as I had to cut cheap plastic bubble packaging,
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038


4 Stars

I just moved up from a 2003 VTX 1800 R to a Goldwing GL1800.

After having heal/toe shifter and floorboards, I swore I would never go back to just pegs and toe shifter again.

Like everyone, with a bike that has everything why not driver boards and heal toe shifter as standard or option from Honda?.

At 6ft I need to move around a bit, a little getting used to the foot position coming from a cruiser. The GL1800 beats the VTX hands down, the VTX 1800 is a hard bike to ride, very rough on you, after a couple of hundred miles you're done for the day. The GL18000 feel a lot lighter to me as well, due to the low center of gravity.

Anyway getting off track, the boards, I only gave these a 4 star rating because of the lack of 'detailed' instructions, ok the instructions are ok, and these add-ons are really, really simple to fit.
However I had a lot of issues with the heal/toe shifter more on this in a moment. The brake arm took a couple of rides and adjustments to get this right. Peddle too high and you have to lift your whole leg and foot not just hinge on your heal, too low and you can't press the peddle. After setting the peddle so it just peeps above the board I can just apply a little pressure for control in slow moving traffic, u turns etc. and little more pressure for a sure stop.
Perfect now.....

The heal/toe shifter took a while to get right, I played with the Pin Drive Wrench and several test rides, but still could not get them to work right. The shift would simply not return to center so I had to tap the shifter in the opposite direction each time I changed gears. A pain in the rear to adjust have to keep taking them off adjust the pin drive and reseat and test. I was just about to give up and take them off when I visited my local dealer where I purchased the GL1800. They gave me the solution and after I did what they suggested these are perfect. Had the solution been in the supplied instructions I would have gave a 5 star rating and one fit would have worked out of the box. So what was the solution....

I undid the pin drive and took the shifter collar apart. I covered it in grease, I used some high quality white lithium water proof grease I had. I rubbed it all around the collar, in the hole and put the unit back together. I used "RED" thread lock and tighten the collar up as much as I could. With the grease in place the where free, very free, be-careful when you put them back on the Bike that they don't swing and mark anything.

I also sprayed WD40 on the shift fork bushing(covering the bike first). After I put the floorboard back on they where perfect. Changed gears and returned to center all the time, very smooth.

I would not hesitate to recommend these boards, but take the time to grease up the pivot shaft.

ride safe
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