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Enhanced TireGard TPMS 2 Wheel Motorcycle
ITEM CODE: BB13315U,   SKU: BB13315U


2 Stars

Mine was not the enhanced version, so I'm not certain it's the same product. Although it appears the only difference is the waterproof skin. The price has not changed.

I used this TPMS for over a year and thought I was happy. Then, my front valve stem failed 1000 miles from home. I researched it on the internet and found others reporting the same problem, blaming the extra mass on the valve stem for bending it the point of failure. I've removed both sensors and won't be putting them back.

Other gripes: I like to check my pressure before starting a ride. The motion sensor puts the sensors to sleep so you have to be moving to get a reading. This means I can't check my pressure until rolling and then I have to go back home if I need to add any air. Kind of a pain.

Also, the receiver will show the last pressure reading received, even if it has lost communication. When a sensor failed, I found I had way less pressure than showed. It would be smarter to show no pressure if the reading is not current. There is a display indicator to let you know the reading is not current, but it's not as obvious as a blank display.

I could handle these annoyances until I lost a valve stem.
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5 to 4 Trailer Wire Harness Converter
ITEM CODE: KU7675,   SKU: KU7675


4 Stars

For some reason, I expected a converter plug to yield a 4-pin plug that would connect directly to the trailer.
But, as the picture shows, this converter has no trailer connection. It plugs inline with the Kuryakyn isolator and remaps the functions of its wires. Sadly, the instructions do not indicate the functions of the wires once remapped. It is left to the installer to test each wire. Care must be taken because although it uses standard trailer wire colors (Yellow, Green, Brown, White) only white is standard function.
Without a plug, you're forced to buy another product and solder some wires. No big deal but annoying.
That said, it does what it's supposed to do.
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