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Marvin, NC, US, 28173




I'm a retired U.S. Marine and I like motorcycles, trains, and flight simulators (in that order).
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Black 1999 Excelsior Henderson Super X

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Titanium 2008 Honda GL1800

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Dunlop Elite 4 Tires for GL1800 2001-2018+

I have had only Dunlop tires on my 2008 GL 1800 since it was purchased new. On 9/16/2017 at 71,000 miles, I put new Dunlop Elite 4 tires on (front and rear). I've now ridden 500 miles, mostly highway, and love them. I have Centramatic wheel balancers on the bike and have gotten excellent mileage on my previous Dunlops. Unfortunately, even with the high mileage, my last pair of tires showed a bit of cupping. I'm hoping that these last as long as my previous sets, cupping or not. I like the feel of these tires and highly recommend them.
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Turn Signal Dual Switchback LED + Flasher Kit

This is a very good product. The daytime running lights are very bright and help improve the visibility of the bike. The unit operates flawlessly as described, and the installation was not difficult. My only complaint is that the amber LED turn signals are not bright enough during the day, especially in bright sunlight. Yesterday, August 26, 2017, I installed SocalMotoGear's newest product of this type - Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights (Item #AOG18DTC). They are OUTSTANDING and dramatically improve the visibility of the amber turn signals. I strongly recommend that you consider the newer version of the product before making a decision on purchasing this one.
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Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights

I purchased this light set as a replacement to SoCalMotoGear's previous replacement daytime running lights with integrated LED turn signals. My only complaint about the earlier version was that the Amber LED turn signals weren't very visible. This version is not only visible, but they are extremely attractive either off or on. The installation wasn't very difficult (don't forget to watch the installation video FIRST), and everything worked properly right out of the box. I highly recommend this product for safety and their great looks.
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ITEM: PG02361

I had the standard handlebar risers installed today. What a difference a couple of inches makes! I'm 5'7" tall and didn't experience any shoulder discomfort while riding my GL1800, but I did notice that my arms were nearly completely straight. With the risers install I have a nice bend in my arms and the bike seems more response to my input. It is a definite improvement and well worth the price.
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Pin Lock 12 pack

I have been using PIN LOKs for several years and have not lost a single pin. I highly recommend using them.
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Like so many others have said, "these things work!" I recently changed from D250s to E3s and so decided to have the Centramatic Wheel Balancers installed at the same time. Note, I have the full Traxxion upgrade on my bike, including a fork brace so I didn't experience any tire cupping or uneven wear on the stock tires. I got 22,650 miles out the rear tire and 16,691 miles out of the front tire before the wear bars started to show. Anyhow, I thought the bike rode pretty smoothly before the Centramatic installation. Was I ever mistaken! The bike now rides like it is on a rail! The change in responsiveness is dramatic and immediate. I'm sure the combination of new tires and the wheel balancers has enhanced the effect, but I'll take it! In my opinion the wheel balancers are a "must have" upgrade.
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Chrome Metal Valve Stem for GL1800, GL1500 & Most Motorcycles

I replaced the stock stems with these. Now the stem braces that Honda installed are no longer needed (since the front brace failed to stay in place). Definitely a more substantial stem.
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Pin Lock 12 pack

Absolutely a MUST HAVE if you wear pins on your riding clothing. I haven't lost a pin in the 20,000 miles since I started using them two years ago. They are worth every penny when you consider the actual and sentimental value of your pins.
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ITEM: BB52742

The product is easy to install. Take care to decide where you want the pads in advance since you only get one chance. I believe one of my pads was mis-cut and so my alignment was off on one side (hence my 4 star rating).
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

I think the product is great and RELATIVELY easy to install. I say relatively because you really, truly, absolutely, MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! I thought I was, but as it turns out I was pulling the bumper end too hard and too fast. DO NOT DO THAT! If you take it nice and slow (and don't pull too hard) as the instructions state, the installation is a SNAP. In my case I was very thankful that a spare bumper had been included in the package.

Once the bumpers were installed they work as advertised. I wish I had known about them a year ago when I brought my 2008 GL1800. I could have avoided the wear now evident on my trunk lid edges.

This is an excellent product and as many have said, should be standard equipment on Gold Wings. I highly recommend it.
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Black LED Accessory Switch

I mounted the unit on the clutch side. Installation was very easy and the unit looks great!
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LED Dual Load Equalizer
ITEM CODE: BB13304A,   SKU: BB13304A

I was able to locate the proper wires using a wiring diagram for the 2005 GL1800 (I have model year 2008). I have posted the portion of the wiring diagram you need at:
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