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Harrison, TN, US, 37341




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12V Gauntlet Heated Gloves


Great complete coverage on the warming

Ok so for the good. The gauntlets large opening is great they slide right over my winter coats sleeves with no issue. The gloves have great all over warmth and I was not able to detect any cold spots nor feel the heating wires as you can with some other brands. Now for the not so good. I normally wear an XL to 2XL glove so I went with the 2XL and they are still a little snug. I have ridden in temps from the mid 20s to mid 50s with these and have the following observations. In temps over about 48-50 they get very warm and the temp controller does need to be set down around a setting of 5 or 6 (this is on a scale of 0-9). In temps in the mid 20s they get warm but you will not need to adjust the temp setting as I was already maxed out at 9 and wished I have a 10 or 11 setting. I know most people do not ride in the mid 20s but for those who do these gloves will keep your hands from getting cold but you might wish they had just a bit more heat. I will say that I am using a Gerbing dual digital controller with the wireless setting controller. It is rated for 16amps and I am heating a pair of chaps at the same time so maybe if it was just the gloves they would get a little hotter. I will say my chaps get so warm in the mid 20s that I do have to turn the setting down to around 6. Over all these are good gloves, a tad bulky but hey I will gladly take some bulk for nice toasty hands on a 24 degree morning. The lifetime heating element warranty has to be the best on the market and that is ultimately what sold me on these and I am glad I bought them.
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Chrome Garnish Accent Vents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52796,   SKU: BB52796


Guide tab would be great

I agree with another reviewer.. A guide tab would be awesome.. I debated getting these or the bigger 1 piece part and these look awesome. I added 6" LED strips just behind the opening, I took the nose piece off and ran wires then stuck the strip with the lights aiming down and what I ended up with is the opening glowing purple, yes I used purple LED strips and it looks awesome with the chrome...
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Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness
ITEM CODE: KU3230,   SKU: KU3230


Excellent piece

OK Kuryakyn you did great with this piece.. I would mention on items like the saddle bag swoops you should put a but note on the front of the box mentioning that this piece will be needed. I found out after getting home and installing my swoops which by the way are OUTSTANDING!! Anyway this plugged right in with easy directions and was very easy to fish through to the back!! Great work!
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Chrome Timing Cover for GL1800 Goldwing
ITEM CODE: KU3909,   SKU: KU3909


A little more mounting tape would be much better

Ok come on Kuryakyn would it be to difficult to have a couple more pieces of mounting tape on these. Mine only had 3 pieces. I added 2 more of my own but it would be nice if they were already there.. I mean what are we talking a dime or maybe a quarter? Nice chome and it does look good but come on dont makes such a nice piece and skrimp on the mounting tape
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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800


They are ok

So on my 01 I had a pair of hand wings but mine were not angled which I much prefer. These seem to do the job I am just not real happy with the angled look. Seems to me they could have a better design.. Not to mention my old square ones, well not angled, did NOT make contact with the body work.
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Excellent Quality

I had mats in my 01 and loved them. Bought these for my new 14 and these are much better than my last set. Perfect fit and I really like the bottom of them good grip.. VERY VERY HAPPY
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