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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

I am not sure what the hold up is trying them out?
If you do not like them just balance them and put a ugly weight on your rims. I started using them the day I found out about them 8years. No more Cupping, No more Goldwing 35mi wobble and longer tire usages. I use 1oz in front and 2oz in the back. You will however receive the tire before the beads. Just wait for it.
I never rate anything above a 4.
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ROKKER Fairing Speakers Upgrade

These are awesom speakers. Mine however went out the 3rd year. Still thats not a problem not being able to get more is. I hate backorder. No one has these a shortage of them. I did love them. I will put speaker backing behind them this time. PS KICKERS SUX.
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ROKKER Fairing Speakers Upgrade

If someone could please tell me the wattage of the 07 GW GL1800 radio. I had a kicker speaker set installed buy a audio comopany and it sux. the owner said its the best but i disagree. Looking at this speaker. its on back order. Please email me with help.
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ITEM: KU3914

Very good chrome. 1 year old now no signs of crack en or peeling. Doesn't scratch easy also. Very happy with this one. Clean up is fast too. I loved the ribs or fins not sure what to call them didn't have to buy the add on part. Easy to install unscrew the one you have and re-screw this one in its place. It deserves 5 stars easy.
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Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals
ITEM CODE: KU1367,   SKU: KU1367

I have returned mine now. I hated to because it was a great blinger. Number one had to buy the Y kit extra. #2 Lights went out under 4 months. #3 inside the light lens were tarnishing. My bike is always parked in the car port. Sorry Kuryakyn this product needs some more work. One positive thing is its got bling.
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

I installed mine in the late winder last year. Not a good Ideal to install them in the cold. Its hard to close the trunk lid. Removed them and reinstalled them in the late spring let the hot summer mold them to the trunk. They stop the trunk shake that could damage lights and what ever you put in or on your trunk.
PS when installing them put a little oil on them and push threw the hole and hold it with some pressure and wait. Once any part slip threw wiggle it, it will go in.
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Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket

Got this for the back seat to keep the women happy.
only problem its starting to rust. I have had it on for about 5 months now so thats not good. Other then the rust problem not to bad holds cups from flying into traffic. No more spills on the bike.
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Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals
ITEM CODE: KU1367,   SKU: KU1367

I have had this for 4 months and some of the lights have gone out. I thought the little led bulbs were suppost to last longer then most lights. The worse of it all now its clued to my front hood so to speak. I will contact WS next to see what they will do about it. I have never had a problem with Wing stuff so far. I selected 3 stars because I now have to remove it and I am not sure how to with it being glued to my chrome hood. Not happy.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

This has been one of the best investment for my goldwing. I had to remove it once to hammer out a ding from a rock. It took me about 15 minutes to put it on the first time, Less next time. You do not have to remove a screw one to change the oil either. If your experience handling problems in the wind get one. You will love it from now own. I would have had major damage from rocks if not for this belly pan.
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Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals
ITEM CODE: KU1367,   SKU: KU1367

Update: Wingstuff sent me the wiring harness for my 07 it made all the difference in the world. Now Its not only a blinker but its a running light and its brighter.
This was so easy to install and wire. I put a photo on my photo album take a look at it. You do not even have to remove your mirror housing. Just peel the black rubber thats around your mirror housing and you well see the orange wire. Orange is on the left side and blue is on the right. For the 07 you have to have the extra harness U7300 I believe. You can pull the wire out just enough to pull them apart. Then connect your harness. Look at photo of the harness connected. PS you have to lift the Tabs to get the connectors apart.
I put the chrome on first and took my time in doing so. Once you stick it on it will not move so measure two times and use painters tape for a guide. You can complete this in about 30 minutes. Mine is chrome on chrome and its beautiful. I beleave it will look better on color.
More bling.
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Gen 2 Chrome Fork Brace for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7339,   SKU: KU7339

Install was a breeze nothing could be made better. I put this on in ab out 10 minutes. One thing I didn't like is the hight of the shield protecter on top of the brace. Its not that tall. I hate to get chips from stones now. 4 stars for less protection. I like the stability.
you can feel the differance. Hi quality and looks.
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Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals
ITEM CODE: KU1367,   SKU: KU1367

Wow love the look chrome on chrome I will post a pic soon. I just ran out of room for more photos. I had to hard wire it and I am not happy about the brightness also It has red black and a white wires what the hells the white wire for. That may be the reason I do not have running lights on it and its not very bright. If anyone has a solution for me let me know. PS The complaint down below me about having to return something and having to pay for shipping back. Dude Give Me A Break WS can not pay for every thing thats returned because its not what you want. We get great discount and you want to raise the price of things. Do not buy it if you do not want it. Please! Look at the reviews first. Just like cutting wood measure twice cut once. No Dis intended. PS I removed the rubber on the cow to make this fit perfect.
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