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Mark & Peggy

North Branch, MN, US, 55056


Mark & Peggy


My wife and I like to shoot pistols at our gun club.
We like to ride the Goldwing all the time if the weather is good.
In the winter we have what we call a winter wing. Arctic Cat two up 660 turbo turing. It's loaded just like the Goldwing.
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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

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Silver 2007 Honda Gold Wing

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ITEM: PG03659

I ordered both the saddle bag and trunk LED molding. I started with the saddle bag molding. The problem I ran into with the instructions was there are two green wires but one has a slim red line. I did not use that one because I figured the instructions would have mentioned that. I got all the saddled bag lights hooked up and tested it before moving on. It didn't work, when i pulled the break lever the lights would go out. Even my spoiler LED lights. I thought, What The Heck! I called Kuryakyn's Tech help line and the guy told me to switch to the green red strip wire. OK, I pulled the wires and switched everything over and tested again. OH Man, Even worse, the lights would flicker so I when to turn the key off and noticed my Navigation dash went dead. I thought, Crap, I toasted my system. After a few minutes of cuss words, I went to start the bike and nothing.

Guess what, the battery went bad. I put in a new battery and switched back to the green wire and Shazam!! I have the most beautiful lights you ever saw. The chrome looks great on a silver color bike. Make sure your battery is good before you start and you will be done in no time. By the way, because I ran the bike a week ago, I did not consider this as the problem.
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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B

I have been looking for riding pegs for a long time because I don't really like how the other brands look dangling from the side of the bike. They collect bugs and require more washing and polishing. Well these work really well for me and theres not much hanging out to clean.

The skinny, They install easy. The off set from side to side doesn't matter to me because if i wasn't told about it, I probably would even know. I flip them out when i use them and kick them in when done. For me, this is a great product.
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Midrider Luxury Seat Set for GL1800

My original 2007 seat just wore out after 104,000 miles of riding. A 50 mile ride to work and my rear end was sore. So I spent like 2 months reachering what everyone out there thought was the best seat. There are lots of opinions out there so finally I rolled the dice. Our 1st ride to the Pacific Coast hwy was the test. Day one my wife and I rode 1042 miles. Last year we went to Key West. My mom passed away while we were in the keys and had to get back to MN. We rode 1427 miles on the second day to get home. Could not have done this on my old wing seat.

Here the skinny, the seat is well made. I have the heated version and this blows away the OEM heated seat. I ride in very cold mornings here in MN and that matters. The driver back rest is awesome and removes so easy. Now it comes with rain covers and I drag them along and use them when I can. In my opinion, if you get caught in heavy rain and didn't find a place in time to put the covers on, not big deal. Your body covers most of the seat anyways. We have ridden through two torrential rainfalls and everything is ok. If I leave the bike parked out side with a good chance of rain. the covers are on. I think thats what they are really for.

Now for my passenger review. My wife has metal hardware in her spine and she can get fussy if the back rest isn't to her liking. Well the OEM back rest is cupped in where the center of her back rests. The Ultimate back rest is not so I put the OEM rest back on for her. I believe the average passenger will like the Ultimate back rest and with the Goldwing stiching in it is so pretty.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

Wish I could add a picture of this product after 52,000 miles of riding. First thing you need to know is that this is very strong stuff. Takes a lot to dent or bend it. It comes in two pieces and the front removable cover is the part that takes the beating. My cover was smashed hard right where the oil filter is placed. The two air vent were smashed in and I believe this would have caused a problem for my oil filter. I also got to close to a cement curb and scraped up the shield along the front side. Its still in place and solid as a rock. I would never be with out it because stuff happens.
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Because the product reviews were so high on this product, I gave them a try. I don't like the feel of cupped tires but will usually ride longer then on them then I should. I now have over 12,000 miles on the front tire with no cupping. The tire had almost 6,000 miles on it when I put the balancers on. When I ordered this product, I spent a good deal of time paying attention to the vibration in the handle bars. I wanted to do the best un-scienctific test I could to compare the difference. Yes, there is now less vibration! At the time of the install of the balancers, my rear tire was needing change and my front tire had 5,500 miles on it. Everything is still smooth and the day I installed them. Good product.
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Trailer Hitch Rack & Rack Bag Combo

This is a very smart product. Mine is attached to the Rivco hitch which I thought I would be used to pull a trailer. I don't need a trailer anymore. This keeps the bike the way I like it. No extra stuff dragging behind that I have to figure how to store after we unhook. I did drill a couple holes to attach the license plate because I don't want trouble from the cops while traveling through different states. The bag is big enough to hide the plate and I'm sure that would not be ok with someone out there.
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