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White 2015 Suzuki DR650

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Midnight Blue 1997 Honda GoldWing GL1500SE

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Titanium 2006 Honda GoldWing Gl1800HPNA

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Adjustable Driver Backrest for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52637,   SKU: BB52637

When ordering I thought I was getting the drop bars from the passenger handles but got the horizontal bars that come straight forward from the passenger handles which in turn pinches/squeezes the outer rear edges of the saddle making it a tight fit for my d backside to fit comfortably in the saddle. The back rest however is in the ideal position to help eliminate upper back strain. To return the Showcrome Backrest Assembly I would have to pay shipping, restocking fees and there is no guarantee that WingStuff will accept it as it’s not in all the original plastic tubes that the chrome bars came in. After all that and being from Canada it would be cheaper for me to eat the added costs on top of the 469.00 Canadian for a 229.00 American dollar accessory. I don’t think I’ll be ordering from Rick and his WingStuff company unless he can come up with a better way to keep costs down for his customers in Canada. Rick here’s a thought, why don’t you work with your Canadian customers by offering a slightly less markup and better shipping rates to help us keep our costs down because as they stand now it’s double and sometimes more than double to get something shipped after purchasing. Sincerely, Gerald Bates
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Handlebar Riser Shims
ITEM CODE: BB52698,   SKU: BB52698

I found the shims did not have enough material to be of any benefit to me. They did help a bit but not enough to make a difference. I believe they needed to be thicker and have a greater degree of angle to place the bars where I needed them. It cost me $ 121.00 Canadian dollars, $ 86.00 American including shipping for something that didn’t work and you can guarantee I won’t get a refund from WingStuff because I don't have the original packaging they came in. Very expensive lesson ! I finally decided to spend my money where it would make my riding as pleasant as on my 1997 gl1500SE and purchased the Heli Horizon Adjustable Handlebars directly from HeliBars for my 2006 gl1800HPNA.
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