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Better known as "pshivers" on the WingRiders Board and many other boards. Kalbo is my nickname given to me by my wife's girlfriend many years ago.

Rosa (Leila's girlfriend) decided to bake a birthday cake for me to try out some new baking skills she had learned at a cooking class. She started to write "Happy Birthday Paul" but at last minute decided to write something different in Tagalog (Filipino) and used "Kalbo" instead, (with a BIG smile on her face!). BTW, Rosa and Leila (my wife) are both from the Philippines.

"Kalbo" in Tagalog means "Baldhead". The name stuck. Those who know me know it is justified. -g-

My license plate on the Wing reads "KALBO II".

"KALBO" is on my 1980 Honda CB900C.
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Senior Systems Programmer

Favorite Quote:

Even a Bad Day on my Goldwing is better than ANY Day at Work!

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Bike 1:

Bright Blue Metallic 2005 Honda GL1800A

Bike 2:

Blue 1980 Honda CB900C

Bike 3:

Red 1972 Honda CB750K2

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

I had R3B's install 7 years ago by the owner of Pakit Rak while at a GWRRA Rally in Bakersfield on my then brand new 2005 GL1800.

Lat year after 6 years of use I managed to break two of the R3B's off so I picked up some new ones at Wingstuff and replaced all 4 R3B's.

I had replaced one earlier with the Extra one Pakit Rak provides with the originals, what a PAIN to install, not easy to get into the hole!

Anyways, they have changed the design of the R3B's. They are very easy to install now that they added a bit of a tail to them that can be grabbed with pliers and easily pulled through the mounting holes!

7 years and 52,000 miles on my Wing with ZERO trunk chaffing or any other problems that may be related to the R3B's!

Simple inexpensive solution that works!
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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing

Installed the EC Spoiler Light yesterday. Everything looked good hooking the EC Light up per instructions. Hardest part of the whole install is just "fishing" the wirng harness from the front of the trunk own to the rear fender area to make the turn signal connection, not hard at all.

Very effective light as it comes from Electrical Connection.

I removed my Kisan 25LED-D Tailblazer (Spoiler Stop Light flasher and running light conversion)from the system before I installed the EC Spoiler Light as the two are not comaptibile.

Purchased a Kisan 200GW from Wingstuff and Spliced it into the short Red/Green wiring harness that comes with the EC Spoiler Light and velcroed it to the top inside of the trunk lid.

The Stop Light modulation in the Spoiler light is just as effective with the EC light as it was with the OEM Spoiler Light and the 25LED-D model. The turnsignal functions do not confuse the issue at all. I'm very pleased with the modification!

Nice Work Lewis!
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ITEM: PG01048

I added the Baker Built Air Wings last summer after getting way too much hot air on my legs while making several trips from Southern California to Northern California on Interstate-5.

They do a good job of routing the hot air around my legs instead of having the "burning" sensation on my shins.

Later on in the year I found they were good for keeping warm also! Just turn them out a little and it redirects the radiator air flow back on you, works very well to keep you warm on those long chilly nights. I installed the blue Air Wings to match my bike. I also found that Baker will do custom images engraving into the plastic Air Wings. I'm thinking of having mine done with some feathers to match the hand painting I had done on the bike. They will also color fill the etching, if desired.
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Kuryakyn Armrest w/ Drink Holder for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8991,   SKU: KU8991

I like the look of these armrest and leila loves them! My first set had a chrome problem on the round arms after a few months. Wingstuff took care of it for me, the new set is perfect with several months on them now. I like the coffee cup holder, it is great for BS'ing at Wingstuff with the Saturday morning crowd, gives a nice place to set you coffee down. My wife does use it to hold her water bottle while riding, but she has to hold onto the bottle otherwise it would eventually bounce out. I added a RAM mount ball to the left armrest so Leila can attach her "Butler Cup" there and not worry about it.

4 stars because of the design requiring your to swing the armrests out before you can open the trunk. Not a BIG deal, but a small pain that could have been avoided. Still the best looking armrests available in my humble opinion.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

I like these if only because thet look so good! They do cut down on any vibration being transmitted to my wife's tiny little feet.

I agree with Gary: "The only reason I didn't give five stars is I would like to see Kury complete the product so as not to have to transfer the OEM detent, ball and spring to complete the installation."

Why does Kury do this, the cost to them would be what $1.00??

Otherwise an excellent product, now they just need to add some LED lights to them...
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Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8990,   SKU: KU8990

I tried this backrest. Although it is well made and looks great. It is not meant for us "Larger/Taller" riders.

At 6'5" tall the backrest was pushing me too far forward to be comfortable. My wife also did not like the amount of space it took in "HER" seating area.

If I were around 6' tall this may have been an option for me.
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Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU7104,   SKU: KU7104

This is the FIRST piece of chrome I put on my 1800 last year. Chrome quality is excellent, provides a little larger foot print so you don't sink into hot asphalt/dirt/gravel so easily.

Much beter looking than the OEM or other aftermarket units I looked at.

It's made to work with floorboards, ie, it is not suppose to cause interference when floorboards are installed. This was a considderation for me at first, but since decided against floorbboards all together.
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