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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

Below is a copy/paste of my complaint to about my experience with an Avon tire 130/70/R18. My bike is a 2010 Goldwing, combined weight of my wife and I is 280 lbs, baggage about 40 lbs. This bike is well-cared for and is stored in an air-conditioned garage when not on the road. Tires has 6000 miles on them. You would do well to avoid Avon's Cobra Chrome tires.Avon Cobra Chrome motorcycle tire 130/70R18. While driving on a California highway at 70 mph, I experienced a noticeable vibration in my handlebars. Thinking I may have a tire anomaly, I reduced speed and looked for a roadside area where I could stop the motorcycle and inspect the wheels and tires for damage. It took considerable effort to maintain control of the motorcycle as the front end felt as though it would “slide out” to one side or the other. After inspecting the front tire I observed a noticeable “bulb” or “blister” on the tread cap approximately 10” long. This blister was very hot in contrast to the remaining lukewarm tire. After the tire cooled, I could press my thumb against the blister, now receding, and feel the tread cap had separated from the inner core of the tire by approximately 1/2”. Because of the remote location where this tire failure occurred, I had no other choice but to ride the motorcycle 22 miles back to the last town I had passed, Wilets California, at 10-15 mph. In Wilets I was able to locate a motel and performed a tire swap the next day. This Avon tire failure occurred without warning. This same tire in a different size is now the subject of a recall for basically the same thing I experienced. I propose the aforementioned tire recall be expanded to include all Avon Cobra Chrome motorcycle tires regardless of size. Note: I also replaced the Avon Cobra Chrome on the rear of the motorcycle at the same time because we felt that it too could fail without warning.Note; The date code of this tire is AT4Y 27 3318. I bought it from on 6/12/20. So as I figure it Wingstuff sold me a new tire that was approximately 2 years old.
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