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Isolator for 2018+ Gold Wing

Just installed the wiring harness on a 2018 Goldwing. After installation, got a test lamp out to check to make sure that all was as intended at the outlet harness. The outlet harness has the usual colors associated with trailer wiring, brown (tail), green (R.T.), yellow (L.T.), and blue (brake lights or electric brake apply in heavier applications). I should mention that this is normal coding for any RV trailer wiring exercise, these particular colors always do as described in the previous sentence. So why is it that their color coding (as supplied in my harness, at least), is green for Tail, yellow for R.Turn, brown for Left turn? the only wire color that is as per code is the brake lamp wire, it is blue. Had I wired as per what is accepted coding in the industry, the least problem would have been spending an elaborate amount of time figuring out what the hell I did wrong, the worst case scenario could be electronic component failure on the bike. What gives?
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