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Standard Fairing Plastic Rivets for GL1800 (10 Pack)

If you lose or break one, these are good quality.
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If you think you may need to replace them, then you do. A little silicone spray and they pop right in, keeping your plastic in place.
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Rear Shock Hydraulic Pre-Loader Line

If you're working in the area - and it is a very involved job to gain access to - this would be a wise investment. The actual changing of the line itself is quite simple. I did not receive washers with my order, so used the old ones. Just something to consider, before you get into it.
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ITEM: TR771173

I wasn't certain of the reviews until I installed one on my 06. INow I understand, and yes, it really was an upgrade. It doesn't add much height to the bike, but it adds a feeling of "responsiveness" with the road. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was completely noticeable, for me. Two thoughts to consider. The bike is taken apart nearly to the point of changing the air filter, it IS an involved process. My suggestion is change when you change your air filter, or change your air filter when installing this. Applies to doing it yourself, or when paying a mechanic. Special compression tool required. Also, the braided line to the preadjuster is virtually effortless to change, and depending on age of your bike, I would recommend, as well.
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