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Luggage Rack Chrome w/ Lightstrike Tail Light for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: CI28201,   SKU: CI28201


Just what Dr. Rick ordered

Been wanting this for awhile.Glad I waited . Now it has the lightstrike added to it. Really neat app to change up your lights. I bought 3 lights for the trunk that I been wanting. One each week. This one...the one that mold into the lid with lightstrike as well that goes under the luggage light , and the inside light ...this way I only take it apart once instead of 3 times....Awesome lights Thanks Rick
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Valve Cover Accents Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI78512,   SKU: CI78512


Hide ugly valve covers

Awesome covers , I got these ..but..I believe I am going to wait till the valves start looking bad...I have a 2021 Goldwing Tour so my valves still have a pretty shine to them...I'm afraid if I go ahead and put the covers on them now they won't get cleaned then will go to they are factory they have a nice silver glossy finish on them. So I believe I will wait till that glossy finish goes away before I ever put them on...
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Trunk Rack Kit
ITEM CODE: AO678836,   SKU: AO678836



This kit is for a homemade rack or the goldstrike regular trunk rack....Not the new lightstrike technology rack....The lightstrike comes with the rack as a whole kit with the hard ware
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Green Light Trigger 2.0



I've always wondered about bike is plastic & aluminum frame so there isn't nothing to trigger the lights on the bike. My friend bought an off brand one & he is disappointed in I was a little worry about buying this..of course it's winter so I can't say how this brand works yet...let's 🙏 it gets me through them unchanged light's
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Red Lens
ITEM CODE: CI48040,   SKU: CI48040


Brake light would be safer....??

Awesome little light...In my eyes you can't have enough light on a motorcycle. It's all about safety... I don't have it on yet but I am thinking about running the wires to my box and make it a brake light instead of just a plain running light....only thing it drops the warranty cutting the end of. I haven't decided decided...To bad it not a running light & brake light...but the it would cost us 2 bills.....good price for what it is ...
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TWINART Lighted Vent Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78315,   SKU: CI78315


Air intake plug

These install right in front of your air intake for your radiator? Do what you want. But I WILL NOT BE ADDING THESE TO MY BIKE
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Goldstrike Grips Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI57001,   SKU: CI57001


Better Grip

These are all they say they are , love the product
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Taillight Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78210,   SKU: CI78210


Fits well

I just added muth mirrors , sequential turn signals on front with chrome above the signals. It completed the look on my ride. Kinda high price for what they are tho....The old saying is:: IF YOU PLAY , YOUR GOING TO PAY.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing


F4 Is The Only Way To Go

Love my F4 custom windshield.I got the tint .just dark enough to take the glare out and give the bike a shape image..... Clarity is is crazy easy...Thank The Good Lord above I bought this one
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Belly Pan

Pretty pan.but not really functional. Gives you easy access to changing your oil and filters. But the whole reason for the pan is to keep something from putting a hole in your Engine Case. What about your oil filter ? Rocks still can put holes in it. Then your stuck on the road with no oil. Screws hang out to get ground down then u can't remove coz" head of screw is flatten....But this is pretty. I'd spend a bit more and get one that does what it suppose to do...with the screw recessed up in the plate....
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Cylinder Head Covers for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC09414,   SKU: EC09414


Clean Look

Love These Cylinders covers,clean & dressed up the motor nice. The first time I washed my bike the first thing I said to myself was that it was going to be hard to keep it looking nice down and around in each slot. But this took care of that...seen them and had to have them
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tailBlazer for 2018+ Gold Wing


Safety is the Key

Couldn't be no easier to hook up. Should be one of the first upgrades you should do to your ride....SAFTEY IS THE KEY TO GETTING YOU HOME SAFE
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