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It's better to live on your feet than die on your knees.

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Wineberry 1989 Honda GL1500A

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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

I have 5 BIG motorcycles and there was a need to be able to relocate one or two in my shop while working on them. One is on a lift, the other is on its centerstand. I got this dolly expecting the solution and boy howdy! This thing is super-beefy and rolls pretty well on my shop floor which is semi-polished bare concrete you'd find in any shop or garage. Might not be as agile on rough surfaces so I can't vouch for that. Great quality and the only one of its kind made this a great purchase! Thank you and my bikes thank you. :)
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Universal Electronic Fuse Block
ITEM CODE: BB13-311,   SKU: BB13-311

Purchased this item for a project, seems of suitable quality. The fact that it exists saves me from having to fab one myself from components from scratch. Also the fact I am not an Electronic Engineer makes this item more useful. :) Thanks for offering it.
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Lower Fairing Corner Molding Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52550,   SKU: BB52550

These just look great with the trim molding I also got. Somehow the previous owner distorted one of the stock Wineberry ones, they are unobtainable new. I got these and now they look like new, PLUS.
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ITEM: BB2493

These add a nice tough right where your eyes fall when looking at the bike. I thought about the shells for the mirrors themselves, but decided they'd be a little much and might even become detached over time. I did the right thing and got these. They set off that area of the fairing and I like that.
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Chrome Upper Fairing Molding Set for GL1500
ITEM CODE: BB52551,   SKU: BB52551

Something happened to my stock moldings, they shrunk or deformed somehow in the years since new. Kept having one come off while cleaning etc. Before I lost one I thought I'd better try these, since I have all the rest of the chrome pieces LOL and they do complete the picture for me. Very bright and well shaped, don't look like they'll be falling off accidentally . Go great with the wings I also bought.
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6X9 Thin Blue Line Flag
ITEM CODE: BB4-240LE,   SKU: BB4-240LE

I'm retire State L.E. and I don't care, these are the thing and I fly mine proudly. Nothing lasts forever and these are cheaply made but will definitely last for a season or two. If you're also L.E., consider one to go along with an American Flag (red, white and blue) to complete the picture. God Bless America!
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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500

Since I bought my bike lightly used and it had no bag liners, I got these. I had a quick learning curve about them. First, these don't fit exactly right but they will work. The only way to use them without getting annoyed really is to fill them after they are rested and open in the bags. Especially the trunk. Reasonable quality and look nice but the long term will tell how they last.
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