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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118


Easy install, goodbye balancing

Perfect fitment and install was a breeze. Ideally you'd install these at tire change time, although r/r the wheels on a 18+ is so easy don't let that deter you from installing them anyway even if you're not due for tires- only took maybe 45min start to finish. If you have a non-Tour, do yourself a favor and get a centerstand- all you need to remove both wheels is a normal floor jack put under the front edge of the oil pan to lift the front wheel also. The description that the bike feels like it's on a cloud might sound a little cliche, but it really is what comes to mind. Despite the smoothness, it also feels more planted and sure-footed on the road. Kind of hard to describe, but it's very confidence inspiring. I did not notice any adverse behavior at low speeds (below ~20mph when these become active), and ran them clear up to the 115mph governor and smooth as glass at any speed- this was on OE Bridgestone tires with about 8k on them. Being 20-25% longer tire life seems to be a very realistic expectation- and a set of GL tires usually runs around $400- these could potentially pay for themselves in just a couple sets of tires.
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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139


Just what the Wing needed

Got these risers installed in about 90 minutes, could probably do it in half that time now. Comes with detailed instructions with (color!) photos you can actually see, but still good idea to watch the Youtube videos of the install. They show a slightly older version of the product but the process is the same. Probably the trickiest part is cutting the plastic trim cover, the template is good, but precisely/smoothly cutting the plastic can be a little fussy. A dremel with a milling bit worked fairly well. I have a 6spd manual, and the directions/video all show the install on a DCT. Main difference obviously being the clutch hydraulic line is absent, the directions really don't mention it. I found on the LH handlebar, if you try to keep the clutch line in front/on top of the riser block with the wiring (directions say to keep wiring in front), the clutch hose is VERY tight. You can get the bolts in, but it really doesn't feel great. I kept the wiring in front, but rerouted the clutch line behind the riser block, which then has plenty of slack. I also adjusted the loom clamp for the LH bar slightly (directions recommend adjusting the RH loom clamp, but not the LH). As such I didn't cut out the other "notch" in the plastic cover for the clutch line, as no longer needed. The line doesn't rub or interfere with anything being routed behind the block, and I'd recommend doing this for 6spd installs. The directions mentioned "due to manufacturing variance" you may end up with bars that hit the center button console, and there's some tips to gain a little clearance, however I didn't find any of them necessary on my 2020 non-Tour, nothing hits the console. At full lock it's close (maybe 1/4"- so you really couldn't have any taller riser without substantial modifications), but no interference. The rise/kickback is perfect. Just enough extra so I sit upright without the slight forward lean as delivered. Another quality product from Helibars.
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Comp-S Dual Slip-On System for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: TB005-5200499D-B,   SKU: TB005-5200499D-B


Great sound, poor fitment

I'll echo what a couple other reviewers noted with the fitment issues. -The RH muffler would just barely rub on the final drive, had to bend the mount tab slightly for clearance.-The LH muffler didn't have the heat shield tabs in quite the right place, so it left a bit of a gap to the front/header heat shield. Again, more bending/adjustment to get a clean look. -The muffler inlets are too tight, virtually the exact same size at the cat's outlets. I had to bend the inlet tabs out with pliers even to get it started, and then it required copious use of a rubber mallet to get it to seat. This was way, way harder than it should have been.-The clamps in the box were too small, and didn't even fit over the muffler inlet as delivered, and not even close after having to expand it.Keep in mind it's common policy that exhausts are "no return" pretty much once you open the box. I called Two Bros directly, and they said they'd send new larger clamps, and did seem interested and asked for some pictures showing the issues, which I sent in. But once you start attempting to install, it's going to be up to you to get the job done.Once on, the sound is nice. Not obnoxiously loud at all, neighborhood friendly. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being stock and 10 being completely open straight pipes, this is maybe a 3 or 4. Roll into the gas a bit and get the revs up and it wakes up, with a pleasant flat six soundtrack. Right off the bat there was a touch of snap/pop when chopping the gas at higher RPM, but after a ride or two that seems to have gone away, likely as the bike's o2 sensors slightly corrected the fueling, and it runs flawless as ever. No engine lights or other misbehavior, expected as the stock cats/crossover/o2 sensor are maintained. The mufflers smoke fairly heavily for the first 5-10 minutes, and after the first couple rides, expect to see wisps of smoke and a slight smell coming out after engine off. The directions say that's normal, but it's definitely more than other slip-on systems I've installed. Still, for a thousand dollar exhaust system from a reputable name brand, the fitment issue was disappointing. If the muffler inlet was about half a mm larger diameter, the clamps actually fit, and the RH muffler had an indent for a more comfortable clearance to the final drive, these would be a five star rating, all relatively easy tweaks for manufacturing.
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