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High Output Front or Rear Replacement Speaker Set
ITEM CODE: BB2169C,   SKU: BB2169C

The speakers are not made for the front of any gl1500. Way too small for the front. Can get 2 screws in out of 4. That’s with some forcing. If you risk it like I did. You can get 3 in with a screw gun. But they are not for the front. Only rear. As for sound. No notable differences. Most likely due to them being smaller then stock
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Bright Beam 1156 Red LED
ITEM CODE: BB101156RL,   SKU: BB101156RL

Bought to replace break lights. Not a single bulb on the gl1500 is compatible with the 1156. Have to go with the 1157
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ITEM: PG34013

I modify a lot of stuff The pros These do decrease the amount of wind on the rider The cons The passenger still gets alot of air but not as much The biggest con is the right side deflector hits the horn(I think it’s the horn) and won’t mount correctly like the left side and will require some cutting to get it to fit. Which is t a probably for me but for others it may be
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ITEM: PG20093

I’ve used baker quite a bit For the gl1500 these work pretty well in cold air. And in keeping cool. They do direct the air downwards more then the standard set but work well in combination with the entire set(mid lowers and legs)
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

I got the plus 2 with the vent and tinted. The windshield did help with highway buffeting and took minor wind of the shoulders. Some of the problems iv notice already. Is cuz it’s a hard coat and tinted it seems to attract dirt and dust a lot more,constantly wiping it every 2 days. I was hoping this windshield to be stiffer then stock but it is not. It still bends at highway speed making the 4th position like the 3rd. The install was easy. You will require some goo be gone for the old tape and old adhesive. It also states in the box that you have 10 Velcro strips. It only had 8 so I had to cut 2 in half to make up the missing 2. As a side not: I order quite a few things. And this was delivered 2 days after my order was scheduled to deliver separately from my bulk order. So know that
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ITEM: PG02361

Installed these for a 3k mile trip. They worked amazing. Was able to relax more and just cruise. Pretty simple install. How ever. I was recently in a lowside crash due to a oil spill. And I noticed with these on that the handle bars flexed way more when picking the bike up from the crash. Was a tad worried then may break. But otherwise they are pretty good
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480 Saddlebag King Kooler

Took this on a 3k mile ride. Kept my water cold for a time being. One thing I noticed is the saddlebags get hit due to the exhausts being under them. Thus making the contents of the cooler melt faster. Solution? Freeze a few water bottles with what ever your using as ice
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

I had them for a week. Amazing I might add: really helped with a 3k motorcycle trip. But the little black piece that goes on top of the set screw broke clean off when I got into a glorious lowside crash due to oil spill at 15mph. Lost the black cap as well as it just slips in the hole and is very easy to pull out with little force. Tho the pegs survived they did add extra protection.
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