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Black 2019 Honda GoldWing Tour

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Pearl White 2000 Yamaha Roadstar Millinium Customized

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Red 2018 Honda CTX700

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ITEM: AO45-1245

If you are looking to trade out the stock yellow turn signals for white with yellow sequential turn signals to match the rest of the front end lights, these are perfect. The white full time lights match the white lights that are milk plastic under the headlights perfectly. My only complaint is I wish those lights were brighter, but they are certainly acceptable. The sequential turn signal portion is beautiful with a very clear lens. You do not see individual LEDS which makes them look very high end. The turn signal function is bright and attention getting. Plug and play with the stock harness. Took about 30-45 minutes to install both.
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Omni Passenger Floorboards Satin Black
ITEM CODE: KU6761,   SKU: KU6761

Wow are these nicely made. Very heavy and installation was 15 minutes for the first side and 10 minutes for the second. The trick is to make sure you hold your fingers over the stock pivot point when you remove and install them to make sure you don’t lose / misalign the ball and clip. There are three pivot positions, but only two appear useful as the third pivot point is straight up and down. The foot rest pivots forward and away from the bike giving the driver room to put your foot/leg down at stops without interference when deployed. The base of the floorboard does extend a bit farther forward than the stock floorboards however and when the pivot bar is closed these are also wider than stock. My wife figured out quickly to pull up on them with the heel of her foot near the back for easiest deployment when underway as the heavy weight will keep the main floor board down. At first it seems reusing the stock spring with the retention ball will allow them to fall when stored upright for single riding due to the heavier weight, but that has not been an issue yet.
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Omni Grips Satin Black
ITEM CODE: KU6765,   SKU: KU6765

Overall 4 stars. Appearance materials and machining gets 5 stars. Ease of installing 5 stars. Heat transfer for heated grips is 3 stars and size versatility is 3 stars. These grips measured 2.74 inches in diameter with my calipers at the largest point on the rubber portion of the grips. I wear a size large glove and found them to be too large for me. If you wear an extra large glove or larger, these would be perfect for you. Machining and finish is top notch and installation is super easy. The rubber is grippy and gives you confidence in relaxing your grip. Heat transfer was just ok when using heated grips in mildly cold temps but I did.not get a chance to ride in cold weather. Overall very nice product if they fit your hand size.
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Chrome Trunk Rack for 2018-20 Gold Wing Tour

Bought the Honda rack mainly to install a higher brake light for visibility and the occasional small duffel bag. The part is definitely up to Honda standards with a nice layer of chrome. The rack itself is much beefier than the 5 lb limit would suggest. The limiting factor is it is supported by the plastic inner trunk. Install is pretty involved, but directions are clear and step by step. It does require drilling holes in both the inner trunk and outer trunk, but drilling locations are molded into the bottom of the Honda trunk plastics.
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