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Trunk Relocator Kit for 2018-20 Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: KU6767,   SKU: KU6767


If you're wondering if it fits the 2021

I called Kuryakyn and they told me it wouldn't fit. My wife has longer legs than I do and has knee issues. She's 5'9". She's been tolerating it for a couple hours and then she's done.Not believing Honda would have re-enginered the framework of the bike (the 2021 has a much larger trunk), I pulled up the trunk support parts list for the 2018 and 2021 and they matched. I ordered the kit and installed it this evening a it works perfectly. It's way overpriced but what isn't.The plastic parts you see in the picture fill in the new gap under the trunk when it's moved back 4 inches. I thought this could possibly be a problem but it also fits perfectly.Install took me 2 hours. There is a main harness on the left rear under the hand rail, and a smaller speaker harness under the right hand rail. I just removed them and got easy access to them.You have to pull out the emergency trunk release out of the right side bag but it wasn't difficult, took 5 minutes. Remove the 4 Phillips screws, drop the tray, remove the single Phillips holding the long flat antenna and detach the pull from the front edge of the tray and there is a small plastic hook holding it down. After it's loose, pull from the trunk area by the silver box behind the seat. The grommet will come with it. Seal the hole with some electrical tape and reinstall the antenna and tray.The instructions have you attaching the new brackets, positioning them, temporarily reinstalling the trunk to check fit, pull back off, adjust, reinstall trunk. I just tighten it all and used blue loctite the first time and it fit just fine and even had a little adjustment room.... I'd skip the pull on/off/on, up to you though.The trim piece that goes under the trunk just slides and snaps in. Only tricky part is getting the front clips behind the bottom trunk lip. I took some needle nose pliers and put the nose of them on the front edge of the clips and just popped them with the palm of my hand one x one and it worked.That's it, not difficult, just 2 hours and ahappy wife, well worth it.I normally like the Traxxion guys video but he goes on about how moving it back 4 inches is going to unload the front tire. In his video he sits on the bike and tips back on the center stand. The center stands apex is well forward of the rear axle lol.... you can't convince me moving my wife a short 4 inches would be enough to lift the bike from the rear axle forward with the bike weighing 800+ lbs and me weighing 240 lbs in front of her. Otherwise love the Traxxion videos!ThanksShane
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