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WEISER, ID, US, 83672




I am a member of the IRON BUTT Motorcycle Riders Association. I have done SS1K's and a BBG 1500. I enjoy riding the Tour Of Honor visiting Memorials for Veterans, 9/11, First Responders and their additional rides.

I like a good burger with beer batter fries and a good brew, always looking for a good burger joint.
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Retired Radiologic Technologist

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None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth you are carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be wierd. There's no time for anything else.

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Pearl Stallion Brown 2018 Honda GL1800b Non-Tour

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Roundel Logo LED Illumination Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC01333,   SKU: EC01333

It appears one has to carefully remove the emblems from the side panels with a heat gun because the emblem is re-attached to the "double" double sided tape surrounding the light source. Because I have 2018+ model I need to use an isolated power source because of the canbus, which is warned of in the description on Had to call Electrical Connection and order the optional pigtail 07514 which as of this writing is avsilable from Wingstuff. On Electrical Connection they have two versions, the EZ install kit SKU: 013330 and "non-EZ" install SKU: 013330/07514. Called Wingstuff they were going to call EC for whatever, hopefully to put both SKU #'s and state clearly that 2018+ model years need SKU: 013330/07514 NON-EZ. I was changing the air filter so I was disassembled more than necessary so I ran the wires from the radiator fan housings back along the frame to my isolated power uni from Wingstuff. By the time I receive the parts from EC I will just have to hook em up, test em and put the seat on.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853

Bought used 2018 Wing with 5626 miles on the clock that came with Dunlops on it from the factory. After 1200 miles I'd enough so I bought these Bridgestones . I have purchased 4 sets of Bridgestones for my previous 2012 Goldwing always got good mileage, smooth ride and great handling wet or dry.
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Replacement Flush Reusable Rivets for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB3112,   SKU: BB3112

Work great look like original equipment when you can keep em harnessed. Little longer grip area but still hold tight in most places. Slippery little suckers, always manage to lose one or two a year as they fall into the abysmal reaches of the bike despite precautions.
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Pathfinder Plug N Play Harness for 2018-2020 Gold Wing

Easy to install and gives you the ability to attach 2 extra sets of lights via Plug and Play. However, this has the risk of causing your canbus to stroke out if power draw is more than it thinks you need and will bring the party to a stop. As it turned out the Pathfinder power hub comes with a different Plug and Play adapter the bypasses the canbus and then you are only limited by the amp rating of the power leads. So now, I have this item, only used to test my cowl lights install. Quality is apparent in the materials.
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Cowl Light with DRL + Sequential LED Black

The template for drilling holes makes it so you have to bend the cowl a tad to get the light seated. I had to enlarge front hole a smidge so the light lined up with the cowl's lines, you'll see. Used a 30 inch cable tie to fish wires back to the power hub. Very bright running lights and the sequential turn siganls can be seen from the front and the side and somewhat from the rear as it lights up 15 feet of pavement with ambient light.
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Pathfinder Power Distribution Accessory Hub

This item had to be shipped separately, for whyever. When it vame I met the FedEx guy and he handed me a box that was for a Ryobi Buffer? I almost refused it because I don't need nor had I orfered a buffer. I asked who it was from and he said Wingstuff so I accepted it, had no frickin idea was in it. Well, it was the Power hub. The most perplexing part of the instal was where to stick it and how. Finally on a flat surface with velcro strips near right rear of the gas tank. Ordered some Wago connectors off Amazon got the three holers, awesome things. Now I can add lights as I did and I ran my Garmin to it. Kept everything neat and orderly. Requires that you cut off plug and play connectors but no big deal. Wish we could add pictures.
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Black Belly Pan for 2018+ Gold Wing

Fairly easy to install, was a little hard getting bolt back into right side engine protector, had to loosen the second bolt because it had been tightened before the other bolt was even finger tight and it had twisted enough I couldn't reinsert the bolt I had removed. Heard a loud clang on the first ride after I installed it. Got home and there was a significant ding/gouge in the plate.
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Rear Saddlebag Dynamic Sequential LED Lights

Put these on my 2018 Non-Tour GL1800b. Goid instructions, I thought, also installed the Pathfinder power module, means I had to cut connectors off but now I don't have to worry about the canbus having a stroke. Nice and bright like the modulating stop lught and sequential turn signals. Makes me easier to see, if the other drivers are paying attention. Very easy to install, slaos rught into the vacated slots.
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Omni Transmission Covers Black for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU3275,   SKU: KU3275

Flimsy plastic not worth the money, personally disappointed. It had projections for vrommets that do not exist.
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Anti-Dive Fork Valve Shim w/ Screws

Installed Progressive Monotubes so I bought this little hummer to space it enough so the valve can't trigger. Veey easy to install.
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OEM Factory Fork Seal/Bushing Kit for GL1800 2nd Gen

Had O rings left over because I installed Progressive Monotubes. Saves you money over each part individually, I know I tried. ;-)
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Handlebar Riser Shims
ITEM CODE: BB52698,   SKU: BB52698

Put these on a 2012 GL1800. Felt the difference right away, made cockpit a little more roomy with bars up a tad. Put Garmin closer on handlebar mount. Easy to install.
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