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WEISER, ID, US, 83672




I am a member of the IRON BUTT Motorcycle Riders Association. I have done SS1K's and a BBG 1500. I enjoy riding the Tour Of Honor visiting Memorials for Veterans, 9/11, First Responders and their additional rides.

I like a good burger with beer batter fries and a good brew, always looking for a good burger joint.
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Semi-Retired Radiologic Technologist

Favorite Quote:

None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth you are carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be wierd. There's no time for anything else.

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Pearl White 2012 Honda Goldwing

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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Easily installed.

Installed this today on my 2012 and it is a lot easier than changing the air filter. Comes with a protective film on the two parts and once you get that off your halfway there. It went where it is designed to go witjout much fussing around. Cons - I don't care for the way it just sits on the lip of the front lower cowling and it leaves a big gap on both sides on the front end of it. Debris probably won't get in there but they are there. I didn't find the edges dangerously sharp, a lot less dangerois than when I worked in sheet metal. I believe it will do what it is designed to do. Too bad we can't post images of what we write.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800


Lots of meat

This is my first set of Avon tires. I went with the R70 which created the need to choreograph getting the wheel and centramatic back on the lugs. I got the wheel and tire past the lugs, then slipped the centramatics in from the bottom, shifted the tire to get room to mount the centramatic, then hoisted the wheel upon the lugs, tada. The larger size also makes it easier to get the bike up on the center stand because it is vertically taller than the R60. Lots of rubber, have only ridden it to test out my Henry's Final Drive and the ride was what I would expect. The only draw back is there is no yellow dot to position next to the valve stem when mounting onto rim. Too bad we can't come back and update our reviews in case I have some of the problems noted in reviews of others.
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Galfer Performance Brake Pads


Perfect fit, easy install, good stopping power.

The prep of the disk for the install stopped the slight squeak in front when braking. Parts fit exactly, too exactly, spent extra time looking for a problem, meh, sometimes installs go this well 👍. Good stopping power, will buy again when needed.
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2 Piece Rainsuit Black/Orange


Quality workmanship.

Looks like it will fit nicely over my other gear and not give me that suffocating feeling from rain gear. Stitching and zippers look sturdy and appears it will keep water out at neck well. Have a set from HD and this set looks every bit as functional. Have not used it yet and hope I don't have to anytime soon.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Good Mileage, smooth ride

This is my second set installed, 12K on last set. Had E4 Dunnies when I bought it and the ride was a bit stiffer, not horrible but noticeably different to me.
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LampGard Rectangular Fog Light Protector
ITEM CODE: BB52845,   SKU: BB52845


Perfect Fit

The hardest part of installing these were getting them out of the packaging! Once I managed that it was very simple to attach the rubber Velcro feet to both surfaces and stand back in amazement. they should take the brunt of projectiles up to a certain mass and protect the lights. The Velcro like attachment system leaves me expecting to find one of them missing eventually but we shall see. They do look nice and do not detract from the ability of the lights to shine. I feel better with them on than not having anything, will update after 10,000 miles or so in a month or so.
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Pathfinder Running Turnsignal Rectangle Driving Light Kit


Fills the bill!

Absolutely love these lights. Have a 2012 with the odd shaped fog light hole in the lower cowling. The video referenced to in the scant directions was all I needed to get these puppies installed. Took me about two hours start to finish since I already had the bike "partially: (ha ha) disassembled from installing a new air filter. I chose to not put in the adapter to keep the fog lights on when I hit the brights because I have Clearwater running lights that outshine everything anyway but I did try it, very simple swap if you choose that option. The turn signals add more visibility as to one's intentions for turning. Setting the aiming height for the lights was super simple as there is a very definitive line of the top of the light on the garage door. I would buy them again.
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Rubber Key Chain & Zipper Pull


Nifty and Functional

I use em for "danglies" from the helmet holders under the trunk they're perfect for that as well as durable for an actual zipper pull.
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215


Looks Nice

Instructions were clear and easy to follow. It is a nice bright light with braking only though, don't know why but I thought it would also be on with less intensity as another running light.I have a 2012 and the handle does not fit flush with trunk lid at the top where the water will run down the trunk and into the space and the rubber pads are to small to create a seal, will have to take it apart once I find some suitable material to fashion my own pads preferably something wedge shaped.Drilling out the the screw bosses was easy once the drill started it pulled itself in straight and then when it hit the end of the hole I pressed it out through trunk .
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800


Can't wait to try it out

Took a little longer than usual on the shipping but no real problem as the snow prevents toodling bout on the bike. Made a call to Wingstuff and learned that manufacturer was waiting on the tinting ingredient.Consulted manual and removed the old windshield being careful to stuff the rabbit holes in case I dropped a nut or bolt. Once the existing windshield was removed I opened the package with my new F4+2 with vent hole. Shipping box was pretty beat up but the windshield was intact and no scratches.Got out the instructions read up to Step 11 "REMOVE the tape that the old windshield used to slide on. This was the tedious portion of the install as the old tape wanted to split apart and leave the adhesive part, took my time and peeled all ten verticals and the large horizontal and replaced with the soft velcro strips that were a tad short on the verticals and a little long on the horizontal but not a problem once I visualized the mechanics of the raising and lowering.The vent fits perfectly and the windshield mated up to the bike quite effortlessly as if the old windscreen was going back on.The new windshield at the lowest level is the same height as the old one fully extended this means I can see over at lowest setting have room to go a little higher as I have wanted to on occasion. The vent on the lowest position does not hang over the console and is more back into the dash which will help somewhat at keeping the rain from dripping down onto knobs and such. It is a little wider than the stock windshield so I suppose that's a plus on the colder days but a negative for the hotter ones.The tinting is not that dark and look forward to the effect it will have on headlights, I look over so no biggie and I can duck down for oncoming headlights.Looks nice really dresses up the Pearl White on my 2012
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6 Piece Replacement Fuse Kit for GL1800


Little pieces of mind

Doesn't hurt to carry extra fuses and the two bags I bought take up very little room good price hope I never have to use em.
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Replacement Air Filter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR231921,   SKU: TR231921


Fits and works

I check/change the filter about every other oil change so maybe twice to three times a year. Other than the hassle of getting to it to change it works as good as the Oem. Clogged is clogged, price almost takes the sting out of popping all the tupperware ;-)
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