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Trunk Relocation Kit for GL1100/1200
ITEM CODE: AO993190,   SKU: AO993190

So i purchased this when i purchased a new Road-Sofa Seat for my 86 GL1200a

I wish i would have purchased this when i bought the bike and often ask myself.. Why didnt honda incorp something like this in the bike. to my knowledge even the new bikes the trunk is not adjustable.

So why do i love this... Move the backrest back far enough that now we have to be fully bundled up before things start getting cramped. a short ride for us is a couple hundred miles which we do weekly if not several times a week..

So if your feeling a little cramped in the front seat buy this and you wont regret it one bit... Super Easy to install and all the hardware is correct and not cheap bolts or spacers like some products. this one they got it right...
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Passenger Armrest for GL1200
ITEM CODE: AO673819K,   SKU: AO673819K

86 GL1200A -- so i never get to use this as i purchased them for my wife who is always my passenger. She tells me she loves the added comfort. her problem was her hands would swell on long rides but now that she can easily rest her arms and hands higher she is enjoying it.. The benefit to me is i get a back rub more often when riding now and a happy wife is a happy life.

now for mounting. I'm not sure i really like the way they are designed to mount. single bolt mounting point which allows the rest to rock slightly. There are holes that match up to the hand grip that i could attach a u-bolt which would stop this but there is enough of a gap that I'm not sure i want to do this. I'm waiting to see if the bolt loosens at all over time and if it does then a solution will have to be made.

As for the product i wish the tension bolt that allows the arms to tilt out and in was a hand tension bolt that could be adjusted without having to get out the wrenches...

other than that i would say i love this add-on..
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Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1100/GL1200
ITEM CODE: AO177503,   SKU: AO177503

so much like the other review here i have a 86 GL1200A
the hardware to mount this is VERY substandard so here is my recommendations
When you receive these take the time to tighten the deflector to the mounts. then head off to the hardware store and spend roughly $12 to purchase new hardware for mounting to the wing.. Purchase some machine screws washers and rubber washers as well and then a decorative bullet nut for mounting Drill the hole to match your screw size and put it all together and tighten everything up. After trying to use the supplied hardware i was so frustrated but once i did the above i was very happy.
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