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Been a motorcyle rider since I was 15. Mostly have owned Honda. For my 50th B.D. I purchased a 2016 (still brand new ) GL1800 ABS/Nav I also own a 1979 Suzuki GS550e that my late father purchased new from Gene Meyer Suzuki / Triumph. Would like to find other Wing riders to hang with and go places. Last bike was an ST1300A 2006. My other passion is my '67 Mustang.
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Ergo III Chrome Adjustable Arm Cruise Mount w/ Dually Pegs
ITEM CODE: KU4081,   SKU: KU4081

I spent the extra for the ones that retract up some when you take your feet off. They are very nice. Good quality. Install was not bad, Take your time. Be prepared that you may have to re-do some of it to get it "Dialed in" to your comfort. It is not bad tho. Instructions could be better. Multiple adjustments make these nice. You will need to get some Blue Loc-Tite for some of the hardware. It is not included. They look sharp too. I have pics on my profile page.
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Chrome Turndown Exhaust Extensions for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7606,   SKU: KU7606

These are sharp looking and a very nice fit where they meet the stock mufflers. My only gripe is on the right right it took some custom fitting by me to make the rear edge level with the ground. ( Im picky ) I still give this 5 stars. Easy to install.
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Burgundy 1:12 Scale Gold Wing Toy Model
ITEM CODE: TR155165,   SKU: TR155165

I was surprised at the detail. Looks great. I was most happy that it was the same color as mine. We will see how long Im able to keep it on the mantle. No a bad value. Great gift.
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Driver Stainless Drink Holder w/Chrome Mnt
ITEM CODE: KU1463,   SKU: KU1463

First I wish this exact kit was offered in black, The lid on the cup is not really a tight fit. The holder is nice quality. The cup is lacking. I ended up buying a Thermos cup from Target and it fits great and the lid is a twist on fit, not a push on. The chrome to me looks out of place with black handlebars and controls.
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Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights

Very nice light set. The added daytime brightness is a nice safety upgrade. I watched the videos for installation and it went well. Take your time. The flasher install takes the longest. Tiny hands and patience help. If you don't use the flasher provided you will get the hyper-flash. Well worth the time when done. Yes you do lose the blink feature with the key fob but the rears still flash. Also with the key on ACC the day runners will stay on. Low draw so no big deal. Anything that helps you be seen is great. These look sharp.
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