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Commander Highway Board
ITEM CODE: BB21-358,   SKU: BB21-358

The Commander board material seems to be great quality and Wingstuff hasn't failed yet to offer the best price on my accessory purchases. Delivery was prompt. What I like best about these boards is their relative height above the asphalt. They do not reduce cornering clearance as much as some competing products do and the boards can be quickly remove thereby reducing the cornering limit to just the crashbar mount itself which is minimal. Unless you are trying to catch a sportbike on some curves your cornering clearance should be more than adequate.My small knock against the boards is they are a little narrow, fitting closely to the sides of the motorcycle. Prospective buyers may want to add offset extenders which I obtained from a different vendor. The standard board position, without the offsets, will probably put the sides of your lower leg in contact with the rear corner of the cylinder heads. That might make for some heat discomfort. The offsets also offer more positioning options for those riders on the upper and lower ends of the inseam yardstick. Be aware, should you choose that option, the bolts in offset kit I was sent were not long enough to engage the nylon inside the fixing nut. I found two replacement bolts in the fastener aisle of my local Home Depot.I also bought the board manufacturer's trim to finish the bodywork around the removed crash bar cover to which the boards are attached. Mounting them is easy. No fuss, no mess. On-line videos are available if needed.
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Chrome Trunk Rack for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour

I bought one of these 2021 racks from WingStuff after my local dealer failed to follow-up on a sales lead from the Honda Powersports website.The rack was priced $40 less and promptly arrived at my doorstep. I downloaded instructions from Honda and was able to install the rack myself. I did not include the additional brake light.The installation procedure is not so much difficult as it is time consuming. What stands out to me as the most difficult part is the reattachment of the trunk lid which must be removed to install heavy duty dampers for the extra weight of the rack. You may need a second pair of hands for that step. Keeping the holes aligned while getting the bolts started is tricky. Difficulty two is remembering where the approximately 50 assorted screws, bolts and fasteners go when reassembly begins. Don't be daunted by the number though. Most of the screws are identical so it is just a matter of putting them where they go rather than remembering sizes. I used the mounting instructions in reverse order to make sure I didn't forget the screw locations.For the '21 model no drilling on the lid is required for the rack installation. It is just a matter of removing the factory inserts from the lid and replacing them with rubber rack inserts. The new inserts are a snug fit. Work deliberately with liquid soap for lubrication and closely inspect your work to ensure a proper fit.I am not chrome afficiando so that aspect of this product doesn't flip my trigger. However, I am pleased with the overall fit and finish. The kit includes interior support for the heavier lid in addition to the stronger dampers. I am confident the rack will fulfill the purpose for which it is designed.
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