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Fredericksburg, VA, US, 22401




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Honda Auto Technician

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I am a Master Technician, That means I know how to hide the extra bolts after completing a job.

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Blackout 2014 Honda Goldwing

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Maroon 2007 Yamaha V-Max

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The Unending Appeal of the Original Goldwing

Late summer I had just got out of the hospital in San Diego. I had been riding since I was around 9, I guess. I decided to get a 1975 GL1000 after test driving. Was not interested in loud choppers or Harleys back then even though thru the years I have own some.
My GL1000 was the basic Red/Black and after riding everywhere for a few weeks I got a change of orders to Quantico. So I started on a cross country trip with my new wing. Sight seeing of course as I also had 30 days to get there. In Minnesota a mule deer decided he wanted to ride my bike. Now the trooper up there said it was a mule deer. To me it looked like the biggest Elk there was. Did not get hurt leathers and combat boots helped there. Long story short Ended up driving the rest of the way in a falling apart 71 dodge colt. Never thought I would make it in that death trap.

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LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B


5 Stars

I am a state motor vehicle safety inspector. I do Inspections on motorcycles cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and trailers. That said and out of the way, I was presented with a Goldwing for Inspection and had to drive it into the shop. There is a 1" lip of concrete that hit at an angle on a motorcycle causes a flex. I was used to it so it did not bother me. Upon bringing this Goldwing in there was no flex. I did notice it had fancy handlebars. As I was talking to the owner of the bike after the inspection he told me about his Helibars and how much he loved them, yada,yada, yada. When I finally got my wing 14 months ago I felt I was riding like on a crotch rocket. Then I remembered the wing I inspected a year earlier. I decided to install. and man-o-man what a difference. Handle bars a little higher and further back helped my posture no end. I am glad that I purchased from Wingstuff.
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