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Pearl White 2018 Honda Goldwing Tour

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ROKKER XXRP 800W 4-CH Amp Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing

I recently upgraded the sound system on my 2018 Goldwing tour with the J&M Rokker amp and speakers. I have read some reviews from fellow Goldwing riders stating that they also had installed this system, but only changed out the front speakers and left the rear stock speakers in place. I would not recommend this option to anyone. This amp delivers some serious power to the sound of this bike and the stock speakers simply cannot and will not handle it. I can honestly tell you that this amp and speakers will easily double the volume of your stock sound system and the J&M speakers have a great sound quality. This is a plug and play install, however, if you are not an experienced mechanical minded person I would recommend having a professional complete this install for you.
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ROKKER XXR Speaker Upgrade Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing

I recently upgraded the sound system on my 2018 Goldwing tour with the complete J&M Rokker amp and speakers. These speakers are tremendously better than the stock components! I decided to start with the rear of the bike; I installed the J&M Rokker amp and rear speakers first. After completing this portion of the work I decided to test and make sure everything was working correctly before moving on to tearing down the front of my bike to swap out the front speakers. What a revelation, the front speakers sounded like paper bags rustling compared to the rear speakers even at low volumes. After replacing the front speakers this system sounds great... short of having a good bass tone. Overall I would say this is a great improvement for anyone that wants to be able to turn up the tunes and enjoy your ride... or even if you just want to be able to hear your music over the Harley's you pass by.
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