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Computer geek by weekday, mad GoldWing rider every other waking moment.
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Director of Network Systems

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Oh!, it's *highway* 95, not speed limit 95! Thanks officer.

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Metallic Gray 2005 Honda GoldWing

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Gold 2005 Kawasaki Concours

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Yellow 2007 Wishing for... BMW R1200R

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Original Spray Cleaner Polish
ITEM CODE: TR530396,   SKU: TR530396

This is good stuff. Similar to Plexus, but not quite the same. I think this stuff is good for the price, but if I were rich I would buy the Plexus.

It would be nice if the snap on tops weren't brittle plastic (all of mine have broken). And the spray nozzles on these cans seem to be rather low quality, they spit and sputter as much as they "spray"
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ITEM: AO451838

Good, just like the picture, but missing the flag pole tabs (I don't care). Hard to find good places to hook bungees on. After taking apart the trunk lid and drilling my holes to put this in I decided that I wouldn't put anything more heavy than a sleeping bag and a bedroll and maybe a pillow on top of the rack. You may end up with some broken plastic in your lid if you tried to go any heavier.

It should include bigger washers and thicker/wider/softer rubber washers and longer screws for the mounting hardware.

Also after looking at this... I think a better solution than a rack would be to mount a few rare earth magnets on the underneath the inside of the trunk lid. Then on the outside mount a skin tight carbon-fiber "tub", with a few thin silicone rubber no slip pads underneath and some iron slug plates inside of it that that the magnets would latch onto.
This would be much lighter than any of the racks, easy to add/remove anytime, and would keep the COG lower, and be easier to secure items in.
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Yes, it attaches to the tubular luggage rack very securely. (Rack Item # AO451805 ).
But I wouldn't say that it "fits".

However, surprise, surprise, this bag fits in the backseat of the bike PERFECTLY, with my backrest in place.
And the strong velcro straps on the side of this bag go around the passenger handgrips so perfectly, that I would think this bag was designed to do just that.

If you are riding solo most of the time, and want to keep your luggage weight in a good location, this bag on the passenger seat is *GREAT*!!

But for my luggage rack (basically my sleeping bag, pillow, and bedroll rack). I think I will be getting something a little less bulky.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

Had these on my bike for a few thousand miles now, and they are good for putting my knees and hips in different places while burning up the highway several hours at a time.

Really beautiful finish, HEAVY duty construction. More sturdy looking than the Honda crash bars to which they are attached.

Everything fits perfect,
but they could be mostly assembled from factory, why do I have to put the whole thing together? Also, needs more of that never-seize goop.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

See the install video and detailed instructions here:

This backrest looks almost factory OEM. Installation was easy, but it was a little nerve racking cutting a hole in my seat.

It felt awkward at first. It took me a few hundred miles before I started forgetting it was there.

However, I can say that I used to have back and shoulder and neck pain after a few hours riding before. Now I can ride all day and not feel any strain in the back, neck, or shoulders.
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