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ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tires for GL1800

I am new to the Goldwing family and specified the installation of Metzler 888,s on this bike after having a great experience with Metzler 880's on my previous motorcycle, a Honda VTX1300S. My primary reason for going with the Metzlers is their ability to practically ignore tar strips, lift bridge grating, and those rough sections of paved roads which have been ground down in preparation for resurfacing. Before buying our used Goldwing, my wife and I test rode a brand new one equipped with Bridgestone tires. They totally tracked any groove in the pavement to the point they were downright scary. Certainly in that realm, both the Metzler 880's and 888's are amazing. However, they are quite noisy tires, especially when leaning over (even slightly) on curves in the road. They join in with the chorus of other whines coming from the Goldwing, ie alternator and transmission gear whine. I can't really comment on mileage yet since I only have about 4000 miles on them. I'm not an aggressive rider and usually got about 12,000 miles per set of Dunlops on my VTX so we'll see how these Metzler's hold up to my riding style on the heavier Goldwing. I also rarely ride in the rain so I can't comment on their performance in wet conditions.
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