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LED H7 Headlight Bulb Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC01052,   SKU: EC01052


Excellent bulbs

I had wanted to get these for some time, finally pulled the trigger.Install was tedious due to tight confines, but doable. Large hands will have problems.Very pleased with the bright white output and no aiming/focusing adjustments needed.The difference between the stock high beam and LED outputs is amazing. I'll maybe to the high beams at a later date.
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Motion Infinity Bluetooth Helmet Audio System (Single Kit)
ITEM CODE: UC180510,   SKU: UC180510



Nothing against this headset, per se.

But, why so expensive? Good BT headsets can be had for $50 for phones for other applications. Just saying....
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Chrome Shifter Peg Cover w/Rubber Inlay
ITEM CODE: BB21556,   SKU: BB21556


Good - with modification, GREAT.

Universal fit - Yeah, that means universlly doesn't fit.

Here's my fix and now this is a GREAT accessory. My peg cover is definitely metal with rubber inserts.

I have an Add-on Heel/Toe shifter on my GL1800, but the front shift peg didn't give enough room for my size 9 shoe and I used the original shift peg instead. But only 1/2 of the peg was usable, bought this to extend the peg. Tried wrapping the stock peg with electrical tape, but the peg cover still wobbled terribly.

I cut a piece of copper pipe (plumbing project leftover) that fit perfectly inside of the new peg cover and also over the peg rubber of the stock peg (approx. 1" OD?). Drill 2 holes in the pipe for the set screws to pass thru. A bit of WD40 to help slide the pipe into the peg cover, lining up the holes for the set screws. WD40 on the stock shift peg to slide it on and tighten down the longer set screws provided.

The set screws "bite" into the stock shift rubber to hold it and the copper pipe is a perfect spacer so that there is barely any wobble - any wobble is probably due to the give of the rubber.

It feels pretty solid now and I have a nice looking shift peg cover that is easier to use.
This cover will work much better on the stock shifter peg if you use a spacer like the copper pipe.
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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software


Revising my rating upward

This software works very well (got my passcode to activate it), just wish it could work with Win10. 5 stars otherwise.

It gives you nice options for loading a flash drive into the folders. The random options make it nice. Or you can manually load your own playlist order. You can fully populate a flash drive in minutes.

I used a an SD card, 8 gB to load, for my convenience. I used slightly more than half of it. Works fine.

Get this for making the job much easier.
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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software


No Windows 10 Support? Meh

C'mon BDSL, get on it and release a Win10 version.

I suppose I can drag out and dust off my old laptop that still runs Windows 7 so I can use this software.
My mistake, been using Win10 for more than a year, assumed this software supported Win10.

Otherwise, nice software to use.
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