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Turn Signal Dual Switchback LED + Flasher Kit

Bought to he kit and IMMEDIATELY over thought it. The directions talk about swapping relays and you're there. Gen 1 has the relay integrated into the instrument cluster. Look for the random connection just sitting there. The guy on YouTube calls it out. Unplug them, plug the matching connector onto the side leading to the cluster and the hyper flash is fixed. No idea what happens to the other side of the connection.
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LED H7 Headlight Bulb Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC01052,   SKU: EC01052

Ok, I just put them in and it got dark before I coud do much but I turned the lights on after I got the first one in. Big difference. Makes my stock fog lights look weak. I guess we know what's next. Easy install using YouTube.
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GL1800 Honda Fog Lights w/ or w/o AIR BAG

These are a great addition to my 2005 GW. They look good and FEEL like a quality product when you install them. The instructions aren't exactly wordy but what goes where and when was easy to understand. No right and left light nonsense. Followed the drawings, found the plugs and it was a no brainer. Adding the new chrome cowl was a challenge, but these went on without a hitch.
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608

I put this on in conjunction with new Honda driving lights. Be prepared to wrestle with it though. I put it on a 2005 GW. We struggled with it for two hours before I noticed two extra tabs sticking out of the back side that weren't on the original. Oops. Once those were out of the way it bolted on but required some muscle to get it to "stretch" over all the fastener holes. Looks great. I'm with another reviewer. Now I have to get the crank cover. Never thought I'd go the chrome route. I was.....mistaken
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Deco Chrome Eagle Front Fender Ornament
ITEM CODE: KU7333,   SKU: KU7333

I put this on with the new fender rail on my 2005. The day I did it I loved it. The next day I wasn't so sure. It'll ride with me for a bit till it bugs me to the point I take it off or I admit it looks cool. Wife digs it. That pretty much seals the IS cool though....
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