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Owned a beautiful 1998 Virago XV1100S for nearly a decade. It was a great bike for tooling around town and short road trips, which is what I bought it for. But it's not so good for a ride over a few hours long though. So I tried out the 08 Wing buying my first one back in Aug 07. What a ride. Now our rides are usually 'weeks' long instead of 'hours' or 'days'.
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RETIRED - March 2016

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Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. (Used when raising my kids, but really applies to all of us in a way.)

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Black 1998 Virago XV1100S

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Titanium 2008 Honda GL1800 ABS, NAV

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Titanium 2008 Honda (#2, really) GL1800 ABS, NAV,

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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

I'm about to install yet another set of Bridgestone EXEDRA's on my 2008 GW and I wouldn't do it without these beads!

It's hard to find the right words but the first time I used these beads, my GW rode smooth as 'silk'. Totally different. I was amazed. I had never used the beads before and had no idea what to expect. Plus, I ended up getting more miles that expected on those tires and I ride 2-up and loaded quite often, so that was an added benefit. I'm not positive I can contribute the better tire wear to the beads alone, but it definitely made a difference And I certainly never got that KIND of ride out of my tires. Smooth, smooth, smooth. They are definitely a 5-star item in my opinion.

I have heard the beads can mess up your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) if you have one though, but I can't really speak to that for sure. Mine is a 2008 and don't have that anyway. But otherwise I'd encourage anyone to give these a try if they haven't.

Safe riding!
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ITEM: PG29386

I've already reviewed this awesome add-on from a couple of perspectives but now I have another minor 'upgrade' that I want to share. Up to now, when traveling on the road I always remove the storage compartment at night and take it in the hotel room but leave the rack connected to the bike. Depending on where we're staying though, I'm sometimes a little hesitant about leaving the rack mounted to the bike thinking someone might take it, and wish I just had a way to secure it a little better.

So now it is locked on. I removed that pin underneath that secures the receiver and drilled a hole through it just large enough to get one of my small locks through it. So now when I put the pin in I also secure it with a small lock. It's certainly not theft-proof by any means, but it's enough I think to deter someone from easily slipping the rack off, if even just out of orneriness. (Remember, locks are mainly just to keep honest people honest anyway. If they really wanted it I'm sure they could still get it, but they'd have to work a little harder for it;-)

We're heading out for another 5500 mile, 2-1/2 week trip later this summer and suffice it to say I won't be quite as worried now about leaving the rack on overnight. The process was quite easy and if anyone needs any particulars feel free to chime in. I have a photo of it locked on but can't see how to include it with this post, but I'd be happy to share it - just let me know.

Safe riding!
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ITEM: PG29386

My first review was pretty much about receiving and installing the unit, but now I've used the Pakit Rak for several 2000+ mile trips, and can comment from a different perspective. The Pakit Rak makes road trips so much easier since I can easily store all those light, bulky items in an easy to get to location. I keep all my rain gear, alternate jackets, and other bulky items in it, leaving much more room in my trunk and saddlebags. One lesson I learned, be careful and not overload the Pakit Rak at all or the bike will steer a but squirrely when slowing to stop. But at no time when traveling can I even notice it's connected to the bike. Great product idea, and pretty good construction too. Cover is durable and storage trunk is heavy duty. Most of the silver edge trim has come loose but with a short strip of all-weather McGuyver tape and it was all secure again. Another rider suggested it would be nice to be able to lock the unit on to the bike and I agree. But overall a good product. Built for the road and is definitely all-weather.
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ITEM: PG29386

Just installed this on my 08 Wing and we're about to take our first 2000+ mile journey with it, so I will hopefully have some awesome things to add to this post when I get back, but first - the installation.

I don't have a hitch so I bought the 'no hitch' version, and it was a relatively simple installation. Took me about 2-1/2 hours, not counting the run I had to make to my local hardware store. ;-( One of the little plastic bags of hardware had the correct label showing what the contents were suppose to be, but the actual contents were wrong. I was suppose to have (2) 4 x 1-1/2" bolts, with washers and nuts, but instead I had two U-bolts with washers and nuts. (These were in addition to the U-bolts included for the cross bar) And of course it was a Saturday night and the hardware store was about to close. But thankfully I made it back in time with the bolts I needed.

One tip that might be helpful, I did the install by myself and found it difficult to hold the cross bar in place and also line up the Receiver Bracket to start the 2 bolts. In fact, I've lost some use in my right wrist due to a previous motorcycle accident, and to be honest I flat could NOT get them lined up. So I used some all-weather duct tape (regular would work fine) and taped the cross-member to the amplifier it supports, pretty much held it in place, and that made getting the bolts started much easier. Hope that tip helps someone else.

Also, near the end of the instructions in Step 10 it says 'See Reflector Mounting instructions' but there were none. Not sure what it was referring to because there was nothing in any of my paperwork that had anything to do with the reflector, but I would definitely be interested to know if there is a way to have that reflector cover that hole anytime the unit is not attached (without glueing it on;-)

Unit looks good on the bike. Overall, it seems high quality. I do feel it is pretty much overpriced, and for that reason it's hard to overlook mistakes (like not sending the right bolts), but I do feel it will last me many miles. I did notice the zippers were difficult to zip, but hopefully they will break-in and that will get easier.

Giving it 4 stars only because of the high price coupled with that inconvenient packing mistake.

I'll post more possibly after the maiden voyage.
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I use this net a little different than was intended, but my guess is it's probably being used in about every configuration possible. But for me it works best to fasten it up in the lid, all four corners to the top two screws only - both right ends together on the right and both left ends fastened at top left. That way the net sort of hangs down and 'holds' things. And when I close the trunk it naturally falls inside easily without me having to do anything with it. And it takes up virtually no room - certainly none in the bottom part of the trunk. And just this weekend I also installed the trunk organizer in the trunk lid and put the net back, over the new organizer, like described above, and now I have BOTH for storage/organization in the trunk without sacrificing much real estate at all. Is not cumbersome to open organizer pockets or place items in net. Would probably make more sense if I posted a pic, maybe I will. But it really works. Net is durable IMO. I would recommend.
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ITEM: KU7314

These really help dress up my wing, Easy install. Would definitely recommend.
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ITEM: BB52748

Works like a charm. Installation was a breeze. I installed this one in the left pocket in the inside diag corner. Is perfect for charging my cell phone while on the road, etc.
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