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"When it comes to math there are three kinds of people, those who are good at it, and those who aren't."

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Metallic Blue 2007 Honda Goldwing

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Smokey Gold/Black 2004 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Sporty

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Black 1982 Kawasaki 1000 LTD

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Mini LED Accent Lights w/Chrome Housing Blue
ITEM CODE: BB16123B,   SKU: BB16123B

I got several sets of these in white. I had my mechanic wire them into the pockets, trunk, and bags on my bike and connect them to a switch so I could use them to see into the dark areas of the bike at night. They work GREAT and my mechanic said they were fairly easy to install. The light output is great for the way I am using them. I had two sets installed in the trunk (left and right sides) to give more light to that area).
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ITEM: AO451630B

Had mine for several months now and I love it. A small price to pay for added protection for your paint and chrome.
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Floorboard Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7015,   SKU: KU7015

Nice chrome accent and a snap (okay, two screws) to install.
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers
ITEM CODE: KU7506,   SKU: KU7506

Nice piece of chrome in just the right place. Easy install if not for a broken screw (not the fault of the product).
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ITEM: AO451630B

Nice little product at a reasonable price. I like the added protection and the piece of mind it provides knowing that my bike will not be scratched up by my remote.
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ITEM: KU3911

I installed these so my LED lights would have a better surface to reflect light. The pieces are not disappointing. Easy to install with clear directions included. If you want more chrome on your bike you can't go wrong with these.
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ABS Chrome Trunk Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52611,   SKU: BB52611

The saga continues. . .

First off, I did receive a bad piece of chrome from Big Bike Parts. However, I also received a call from Rick at Wingstuff who assured me that the part would be replaced free of charge (as it is under warranty) and I would be charged for nothing. THAT, my friends is customer service.

I was told that Wingstuff would likely have to eat the cost of shipping as they would not be reimbursed by the manufacturer (again, shame on BBP) but they will not make the customer suffer for a manufacturing defect.

I remain leary of BBP chrome, but the service and staff at Wingstuff is top notch. That is what the 5 stars is for.
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ABS Chrome Trunk Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52611,   SKU: BB52611

Follow up on the chrome problem. . .

I AM returning the defective chrome, HOWEVER, I was informed by Wingstuff that I will be charged for shipping of the new part even though the old one is defective. I explained that seemed unfair as the part defect is not the customer's fault, but rather the manufacturer's, and that the manufacturer should eat the cost of shipping. I was informed that Big Bike Parts does NOT stand behind their products, unlike Kuryakyn. They also will not allow discounts on their items, even for VIP members, again unlike Kuryakyn.

Lesson learned. No more Big Bike Parts for me. From now on it is strictly Kuryakyn.
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Heavy Duty 8 Ft. Motorcycle Jumper Cables
ITEM CODE: AP1867500,   SKU: AP1867500

A functional piece of equipment I hope to never need. Comes with a nice bag to hold the cables as well.
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ABS Chrome Trunk Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52611,   SKU: BB52611

First off, the install was a breeze. It actually took longer to get the parts out of the shrink wrapped packages than to put them on the bike.

I too had either a bad set, or the finish on these is not what it is cracked up to be. There are hazy spots in a couple of places. Worst looking chrome I have put on my bike to date.

Nice idea for a chrome accent, but better quality parts would receive a MUCH higher rating.

I have the saddle bag pieces on backorder. Hopefully the quality on those will be much better. if not, I'll return it all and either ask for an exchange or a refund. Hopefully this was just a bad set and not a sign of future quality.
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Front Fairing Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7322,   SKU: KU7322

Nice looking piece of plastic. Looks GREAT with the "Knight Rider" lights on my metallic blue Wing!

This piece now goes down as the easiest install on my bike!

Make sure you use the alcohol wipe to take off any wax or dirt (heaven forbid) prior to installation, to help with adhesion.
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Dual LED Lighted License Plate Frame Chrome

I purchased the chrome frame, which looks nice. However, poor instructions are one thing. . . But NO installation instructions?! Also, no wire connectors are provided. I purchased tap splices (18-14 AWG) to do the wiring. Also, do yourself a favor and look at for installation instructions.

The lights ARE very bright, but knock off two stars for lack of instructions and for no electrical connectors being included.
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