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Fire Chief (retired)

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Red 2014 GL1800 Trike Motor Trike

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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

Purchased these to use on a GL1800 trike with a Motor Trike Razor conversion. They would not fit between the mounting bracket and the fiberglass fender. Not a problem with the product, but Wingstuff probably should add something to the product description that it does not work for this application.

Good news? Wingstuff is awesome about returns. Simple and no hassle.
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Freewire Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Honda Goldwing

We made the move to wireless a year ago when we did away with our hardwired headsets and went to the Sena 20s communications system. We love being wireless, but wanted to be able to access the radio and CB on the Goldwing. Here is the solution! The Freewire plugs into the wired helmet connection on the bike and then connects with the Sena headset via bluetooth. Simple. We immediately had full access to full Goldwing audio (radio, CB, Aux, etc) via our wireless Sena headsets. As usual with Sena products, there arent any instructions in the box other than a very simple quickstart guide. Detailed instructions are available on the Sena website.

A couple of things we learned:
- We initially had a LOT of echo in the intercom. Finally figured out that we had both the Sena wireless intercom function on AND the Freewire was also picking up the bike's intercom system and they were fighting each other. Turned off the bike intercom and problem solved.
- There really isn't a simple clean way to mount the Freewire to the bike. They provide a stick-on bracket and an elastic strap for wrapping around the handlebar. Both look kind of funky, but they work. Keep in mind the Freewire isn't waterproof - it is water 'resistant'.
- If you ride 2-up, you need a second Freewire for the passenger. Each Freewire gets paired with it's respective helmet headset. Since both the Freewires look identical, we used a Sharpie to mark which one goes with which helmet.

All in all, we are VERY happy now with our audio/intercom setup. We are completely wireless and that makes things super convenient.
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Factory Honda CB Antenna for GL1800

This is the Honda OEM CB antenna that I purchased to go with the Honda OEM CB radio I also got from Wingstuff. Comes with installation instructions included. Pretty simple and straightforward installation, once you get past the idea of drilling holes in your trunk! Follow the instructions and no problems. Worked fine, right out of the box.
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40 Channel Factory Honda GL1800 CB Radio Kit

I really didn't want to spend this kind of money, but if you want to have a CB radio for communications, there aren't many choices....and they all cost roughly the same. In my case, as usual, Wingstuff was a bit less costly and shipped quickly.

This was truly a plug and play installation that didn't require much technical knowledge or mechanical skill. Note that it does not include the antenna and that needs to be purchased seperately. The radio arrives with NO installation instructions in the box. There was a page in the box with a couple of urls listed. Upon visiting those, I finally figured out that you can navigate to a spot where the the installation instructions can be downloaded. There are a few (not many) youtube videos that also cover the installation.

The antenna is installed first, then the radio. After buttoning everything back up and turning it on, it worked flawlessly from the beginning.

Good OEM product at the cheapest price I could find. The 4 stars is a result of the lack of instructions.
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