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Black/Gold 2016 Honda Goldwing

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LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B

I've had them on the bike for about a week and over 400 miles and have no regrets purchasing the HeliBars. The bike feels more responsive and more comfortable now that I can place the grips where I want them. U-turns while 2-up are much easier now than with the stock setup. My only gripe would be that it seems like you can only move the grips up and forward, or back and down, because of the way the adjustable pivot points rotate.

Self-installation went rather smoothly. The left handlebar does take some time to get off using the tool they provide, but it wasn't difficult, just tedious. I'd rather take the time to do it right than damage the heated grips. The provided instructions and photos, while not particularly awesome, were sufficient to help get the task done with a minimum of uncertainty. Bleeding the brake lines was also hassle free thanks to the bleeder valves they've included - genius!
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ITEM: PG32057

I purchased these to put on while riding in Florida in 95+ degree weather while in all my gear, hoping it would help keep me cool. It does deflect some air up to the rider, but not as much as I was hoping for. Same with keeping the air off when it's cold. Good but not great. They're worth purchasing but don't expect a huge difference.

The install went smooth but it takes some trial and error to get them snug enough to not move in the wind but not so tight as it's hard to adjust them.
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Ultragard Gold Wing Half Cover Gray
ITEM CODE: BB4458G,   SKU: BB4458G

It fits the bike well and has padding on the parts that might rub on the bike to avoid marring the paint. I haven't used it in inclement weather yet but it appears that it will hold up and keep the seats dry.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

They installed without any issue and look good. The wife likes the ability to changer her foot position but really hasn't used it much. When her legs are up on rests it sometimes interferes with my ability to put my leg down when I come to a stop.
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Chrome Handlebar Clamp Plugs
ITEM CODE: BB52627,   SKU: BB52627

These fit very well and look good. I've painted mine gloss black to match the bike and they've stayed on without issue for the last 6+ months and 10K+ miles.
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2-Port USB Auxiliary Socket for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52820,   SKU: BB52820

Who uses a standard cigarette plug anymore? This is far more practical for our use. The rubber cover is a nice touch to keep it dry.
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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

We purchased two, one for each seat, before a long trip down the East Coast. Both the wife and I felt that it made a difference and we could spend more time in the saddle before having to get off and walk around. They've held up for over 4K miles now without any issues. Only negative, they do leave impressions on the stock seat, but those eventually go away.
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3 Bar Sequential Signal Mirror Kit Blue

These do look pretty amazing & the blue tint is functional as well. It does aid in minimizing glare at night. Installation is super easy.
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Heated Seat Amplifier for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC04301,   SKU: EC04301

It does make a difference and installation is a breeze. I had to try a couple of times to make sure it didn't get in the way of the seat when I put it back on, but nothing major. It does make the seat warmer and that makes my wife happy, so it's all good.
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Ergo III Cruise Mounts w/ Trident Dually ISO-Peg Gloss Black
ITEM CODE: KU3990,   SKU: KU3990

Put these on the bike before my first SS1000 and couldn't be happier. They went on easily, look great, and really make a difference as I can now stretch my legs out. They pop up out of the way, but if you forget to flip the foot rests up they can still touch the ground if you get too aggressive.
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